scarlxrd – ERGHHH. // EXPECTATIXNS. lyrics

Is that Shoki on the beat
Toom your beats are trash
Based1 got them bands, ho

Never fall out fashion, I’m so real and it’s clear hoe
I ain’t put no money on your head but I came close
Put my hand in bullshit now it’s really time to lay low
It’s so cold inside my head that shit done let my brain froze
Why these niggas pushing me like I gon’ buy a halo
Don’t you fucking look at me I’m psycho with my raid, hoe
Catch me switchin’ dirty, my Mufasa, I’m away hoe
Move without my money, nigga say so
I ain’t sharing money or respect
Them the only things I’m gon’ collect
I put my best foot forward and it landed on your necks
I sleep with one eye open while the other one pretends
You won’t catch me slippin’ I’m not steppin’ where it’s wet
You gon’ really think you winnin’ I just
Now I’m gonna start, aye
Coppin’ that place, gimme that chain, gimme that watch
Really on pace, can’t just wait, never gon’ stop
Coppin’ that place, gimme that chain, gimme that, ah

Hardest nigga melted in the plastic
All these cheques I’m getting got me dancing
I’m in a lions den, on my rap shit
Like I ain’t livin’
Been here for a minute now I’m acting
Had to change my all but not my accent
I got a new address, but this one limits my distractions
I am movin’ messy, you’re too close to get reactions
Guard is super heavy, I’m a product of my actions
Always gotta hustle, I ain’t one to be relaxing
All focused on this last bit
Fucking in the internet I can’t post in no caption
Fire shit, I ain’t bustin’ another bitch

Everybody ’bout that analysis shit
Can’t get around, I’m poppin’ bitch
Get in the back I’m comin’ bitch
Back on the sound I’m fuckin’ with
Gassing around my pocket lit
Tactical gifted I’m talkin’ shit
Laugh at the past, we lovin’ this
Can’t get around my fallen shit
King of the land, I’m mad at it
King of the land, so real let’s go
Got a house build one extra, ah
But I move quick just to get this far
Goin’ far ya
Tell me you was really guilty, shit just like
I’m flawless on the track, limitation in the booth

Ah, gee
Ay, yuh
Jah, Scarlxrd

Muzzle flash
Taking off dresses, got ’em undressed
Chains around my legs
Metal wrapped ’round my head
Who do you
That doesn’t make much sense
Steady I make them cheques
Many men wishin’ death

They never had hundreds let alone fifties, I don’t expect much less
How do I function, kill this shit clearly, livin’ my life on edge
I was your partner, with me, I’ma get my revenge
Fuck all the bullshit, never ’bout riches, better go hide my face
Don’t ever lie to face
Sometimes I forget
I have the right to vent
Why would I try my best
Still gonna digest
All my advise the same
No more diamonds left
Stayin’ alive’s dead
Meant to be alive is dead
You want to blow your brain
I think I’ll blow up the same
Keep those words
Making you soundin’ hurt
Better go wipe that Porsche
Now I’m on top of my words
Money made me go lie
Money made me get
Fuckin’ get away I might do
How you gon’ hate my world
I ain’t gon’ sparkin’ around with the fire
I’m heading to the fucking top
Know that I live in a lie, I’m a legend, I got those perks
Ready to assume a lot but fuck it, I ain’t gon’ spark
Know that nigga is silent, it’s why I got that first, yuh

Back at it
Show me where the racks at
My life on the fast track
Sometimes movin’ hard
Might stash the stainless in a handbag
It’s been over two years and I still feel like a madman
Hit my phone, would you be
I don’t need no advance, always got a health pass
Niggas think it’s funny till they hear me, they get slapped back
I’m just tryna expect, time will never get back
I don’t give a fuck no more, my shit be soundin’ in hertz
Made this for my ride, that’s some real shit
Yeah we dustin’ every level, they be real quick
Keep it comin’, still don’t give a fuck and that’s the real shit
He said nothing, give a minute, hell nah I can’t fix it

Muzzle flash
Take off dresses, got ’em undressed
Chains around my legs
Metal wrapped ’round my head
Who do you
That doesn’t make much sense
Steady I make them cheques
Many men wishin’ death