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Tag: Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage – Work Fada Lyrics

Work Fada Lyrics – Tiwa Savage Hazy boy o hazy boy Sitting pon a lazy boy One more hour on tha FIFA Too far along to play with toy Tidy and go wash it off & fix a plate oh hazy boy Come get to work Wasting daylight Work fada o work fada Or sit back and grow colder Oo […]

Tiwa Savage – Ade Ori Lyrics

Ade Ori Lyrics – Tiwa Savage Ade ori mi o ni sa Ade ori mi o ni lo If to say you dey for me You no go let, you no go let stain touch me No need no sign o I don’t need no sign I’ve thought it over I’ll can’t heal my pain I don’t need yours Nothing […]

Tiwa Savage – Somebody’s Son Lyrics

Somebody’s Son Lyrics – Tiwa Savage Sorry I’m not sorry Ala ko ri ni bobo yen se Should I try? Try again? But now my heart e still dey pain me Okun mi le O le ko ko Shobi sho ni me run ni Tired of getting it wrong This won’t be another heartbreak song Somebody’s son go find me […]

Tiwa Savage – Special Kinda Lyrics

Special Kinda Lyrics – Tiwa Savage Special kinda Special kinda Feeling Kinda Low when i’m up Need you darling Call me when we’re On the same page Yeah yeah Feel it all around I miss my baby And its hard enough to figure out Theres something I don’t know I need you yeah in my life Tell me why I […]

Tiwa Savage – Tales By Moonlight Lyrics

Tales By Moonlight Lyrics – Tiwa Savage 6 foot 5 Act your size I’ve been shy Now I go talk my mind Will you show me You’ve been slow Got me on my tippy toe Tippy Toe Kini mo ra ni su lerun Para Fine boy, para See shine shine bobo Yara okon mi wa lo no Para Fine boy, […]