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Tinashe - Pasadena Lyrics

Tinashe – Pasadena Lyrics

Tinashe – Pasadena Lyrics One, two One, two, three, hey Feelin’ right, feelin’ right, feelin’ right (Woo!) Livin’ life, it’s the life (Hey, hey, hey) Feelin’ free, feelin’ free, feelin’ […]

Tinashe – Let Go Lyrics

Let Go Lyrics – Tinashe Waiting on somebody else to save me I hurt myself with foolish pride The weight of the world, I carry But I eventually I do decide, oh When I let go (Go, go, go) Then I let go (Go, go, go) And I went back home (Go, go) I am no longer mad at ya, […]

Tinashe – X Lyrics

X Lyrics – Tinashe X marks the spot, look and you’ll find it (Find) Turned up, you wanna get behind it (Behind) I wanna feel your body, it’s on fire (Fire) You let me do the talkin’, baby, quiet (Ooh) Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh (Oh) Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh (Yeah) X marks the spot, look and you’ll find it (Find) […]

Tinashe – SHY GUY Lyrics

SHY GUY Lyrics – Tinashe Wait Mm, oh Mm 3:33 and I’m up watchin’ TV So it isn’t as quiet in my house on my own Fifteen hours ’til I’m up in your bed But I’m all in my head because I’m finally alone You could be here sippin’ with me right now You should be here t-trippin’ on me […]

Tinashe – Unconditional Lyrics

Unconditional Lyrics – Tinashe Feed my silence (Feed my silence) Makes my heart so cold (Makes my heart so cold) You don’t call me (You don’t call me) Take my pulse, I can’t feel it anymore Can’t feel it anymore, feel it anymore Take my pulse, I can’t feel it anymore Waitin’ on my love to walk through the door […]