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Switchfoot – Swim Good lyrics
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Switchfoot – Swim Good lyrics

Switchfoot – Swim Good lyrics That’s a pretty big trunk on my Lincoln town car, ain’t it?Big enough to take these broken hearts and put ’em in itNow I’m driving ’round on the boulevard, trunk bleedingAnd every time the cops pull me over they don’t ever see ’emThey never see them And I’ve got this black suit onRoaming around like […]

Switchfoot - Stupid Deep lyrics
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Switchfoot – Stupid Deep lyrics

Switchfoot – Stupid Deep lyrics What if who I hoped to be was always me?And the love I fought to feel was always free?What if all the things I’ve done, yeahWere just attempts at earning love? Yeah‘Cause the hole inside my heart is stupid deep, stupid deep What if where I’ve tried to go was always here?And the path I’ve […]