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Tag: Switchfoot

Switchfoot – beloved Lyrics

beloved Lyrics – Switchfoot Maybe all the world is insecure Maybe all of us are looking for a cure Maybe something that can finally reassure, maybe We’re chasing after money like a dog But the money’s never gonna be enough No, it’s never gonna take the place of love, maybe I’m still looking for the truth But I can’t seem […]

Switchfoot – lost ’cause Lyrics

lost ’cause Lyrics – Switchfoot I took the midnight path In the aftermath Tearing out the sutures Is a new way back To a broken past Just our broken future? I heard you tore it all down Destroyed the world we found Are we a lost cause Or just lost ’cause We won’t be the future we refuse to see […]

Switchfoot – fluorescent Lyrics

fluorescent Lyrics – Switchfoot One, two, three and I am the moth beating his wings against the dusty window Outside of your dull, fluorescent light Youth was dark with the simple things You had your light, I had my wings You were the brightest star in the black night My fluorescent girl in the city light How long, my fluorescent […]

Switchfoot – splinter Lyrics

splinter Lyrics – Switchfoot It’s only illusions It’s only an ebb and flow It’s only a re-run It’s only a so and so It’s only a glimpse now It’s only a glancing blow It’s only a mind game It’s only rock and roll It’s only allegiance It’s only heart and soul Just tell me a lie now Just tell me […]

Switchfoot – the hard way Lyrics

the hard way Lyrics – Switchfoot Oh, my head Lately my eyes have been bloodshot red I’m looking for somewhere to hide Could you tell me where I needed to go? Oh, my head Lately all my thoughts are arriving dead I drift where the sea meets the sky Could you tell me what I needed to know, oh? Maybe […]

Switchfoot – wolves Lyrics

wolves Lyrics – Switchfoot Evening when the wolves come out I’m a gloomy soul and I Hear them howl in my head Greedy Autumn in the fading light Trees are frozen, fingers are Clawing, grab at the sky Greedy and Begin again All of my world’s a collision and spin Hope is a war that we’re already in Awaken, O […]

Switchfoot – backwards in time Lyrics

backwards in time Lyrics – Switchfoot If we could go back, would we take the same path? If we knew what we know? It feels like the future is born from the past But the present we hold I dangle my feet off the edge of the path And I look down below There goes the sun again, there goes […]

Switchfoot – electricity Lyrics

electricity Lyrics – Switchfoot I was just thinking about lightning storms Like the one that knocked the power out until dawn The phone died and your eyes lit up laughing Darlin’, it’s been too long So let’s shut up the phone for the rest of the afternoon I don’t need nobody right here right now but you Come on hang […]

Switchfoot – if i were you Lyrics

if i were you Lyrics – Switchfoot One, two, one, two, three, four 2020 enemies What a dismal odyssey Held by only apathy Is there any remedy? ‘Cause we bicker over Listerine With Twitter as our liturgy What a crummy legacy 2020 enemies If I were you And you were me Would we still be doomed To disagree? ‘Cause you’d […]