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Tag: Lil Tecca

Lil Tecca – CAUTION Lyrics

CAUTION Lyrics – Lil Tecca (If you about to slide slide with caution) Shawty hit me said she need a ride to the function I could never do you wrong (never sorry) Slid with the gang we took your hoes from the party Rose gold on my, patek in my new ride Foreigns in the garage, all my hoes say […]

Lil Tecca – SEASIDE Lyrics

SEASIDE Lyrics – Lil Tecca I want you to know If we gon fall off Then everything we done I can not recall on She wanna know if we still on one If I hang up this call I swear I don’t know none And she bored in the meantime That don’t turn to me time My life is a […]

Lil Tecca – NO DISCUSSION Lyrics

NO DISCUSSION Lyrics – Lil Tecca Yeah I been riding round with some real niggas Better not talk loud when you chill with us I know she be off that loud cause I still feel it It don’t make no sense to lie, cause they still get us And no I don’t want a review up on the pack, I […]

Lil Tecca – YOU DON’T NEED ME NO MORE Lyrics

YOU DON’T NEED ME NO MORE Lyrics – Lil Tecca I bet you hit me now I don’t need no sound Baby finna go down we just been riding around downtown Everything might last, everything might get better, everything might pass Everything might go up for real And I don’t even talk on how I feel And she said you […]

Lil Tecca – FEE Lyrics

FEE Lyrics – Lil Tecca Gang, yeah I ain’t love no thot (yea) Fell in love with the guap Trying to make it to the top (glo) I ain’t tripping you ain’t my hoe Got everything in front of me I be who I really wanna be I see who I really wanna see I don’t like it I could […]

Lil Tecca – DID THAT Lyrics

DID THAT Lyrics – Lil Tecca Can’t switch up on me, seen everything change And I’m worried about my change and you worried about my gang My bitch fly too, I think that she my twin flame I don’t get used to it, know that everything goin change Outside with the gang (yeah) Feelin like the NBA Shooters they ready […]

Lil Tecca – ABOUT YOU Lyrics

ABOUT YOU Lyrics – Lil Tecca (Yeah we be on this side) How you get cropped out the picture Doing shit you ain’t never seen my nigga And she be off a bean no filter Tell me what I gotta do to get that mixture Everything seemed so smooth so cool Know ima stay real but I don’t know about […]