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Tag: Jaden Smith

Jaden – Circa 2013 Lyrics

Circa 2013 Lyrics – Jaden We was in our parking lot phase We were like fifteen All your energy was sent to me And I gave you the same At least that’s just how I see it Girl, I’m sorry about everything (Maybe you’re the one) And I don’t want to say it ‘fore the sun (I don’t wanna miss […]

Jaden – Rainbow Bap (Remix) Lyrics

Rainbow Bap (Remix) Lyrics – Jaden He was a lost boy with rhythm Heart broke SYRE has risen Look at the stars it’s all written Just hold the applause, I’m just kiddin’, started with it It’s not hot enough in the kitchen, they sayin’ it’s lit I guess I’m the one thinking different, I’m slick with it A lot of […]

Jaden – What It Is Lyrics

What It Is Lyrics – Jaden Another Saturday in love But our love is slow I hear Cudi playing in the pool Let’s turn it up Little dude, we don’t fuck with interviews Not about to tell ’em what I didn’t do She left through the bathroom window I just found the city in the swimming pool It’s the, sun […]

Jaden – Your Voice / Bethel, NY Lyrics

Your Voice / Bethel, NY Lyrics – Jaden I was star struck I caught you in a Starbucks Sit on a curb, got some new trucks But I still don’t got a truck Your voice plays in my head When I’m in bed When I’m not feeling confident I hear it again My hand’s on your leg I’m grinding gears […]

Jaden – Still in Love Lyrics

Still in Love Lyrics – Jaden I just landed from Verona, yeah, I’m looking for ya, still in Arizona Young Yoko Ono, know you coulda told a nigga Crying in the club, dyin’ in the club, pants hanging low Don’t pull ’em up, think we give a – look (Still in love) Like it’s high school, the city hot, ’bout […]

Jaden – Cabin Fever from The Hill Lyrics

Cabin Fever from The Hill Lyrics – Jaden 818 I’m on the way (I’m on the way) I’m thinking about you every day (Everyday) I think we should spend some time away (Stay on the beach) Stay with me in heaven everyday (Everyday) I wanna feel ya body on me Tall palm trees and kaleidoscope dreams I’m at home thinking […]

Jaden – Our Psychedelic Love Story Lyrics

Our Psychedelic Love Story Lyrics – Jaden I wish you could see me on the TV, know what I mean I just had to point, seeing her cafeteria Wavy baby, don’t take him too serious But I’m day sleep, like I’m delirious Hey, let’s all make it to the beach for the sunset Well, I’ve flown away Head full of […]

Jaden – Santa Barbara Lyrics

Santa Barbara Lyrics – Jaden I’m over the moon Wrong side of my bed You’re still in my head I’m stuck in my room Your mom wants me dead Your father’s upset And it’s only noon Santa Barbara too far again From my car I swear that I don’t know if I’ll fall in love ‘Cause Santa Barbara’s too far […]

Jaden – Laurel Canyon Lyrics

Laurel Canyon Lyrics – Jaden I’ve been up, I’ve been down, I been all around, I swear to God From Hong Kong to Japan, then land in Liverpool and tear it down I swear it’s just drugs and dogs, and city lights you care about Whole family disowned you, they said you can’t be your parents’ child You’re wild, you’re […]

Jaden – Equestrian Trail Freestyle #2 Lyrics

Equestrian Trail Freestyle #2 Lyrics – Jaden Burnt paper towels Sun in the clouds A bright pink house A liar dancing around Living room with no couch Beds for the mouses And a bottle Dom I’m not a liar girl, I’m just a idiot Your mom don’t like tire marks, so I’m fixing it I might retire without my certificate […]

Jaden – Endless Summer (Remix) Lyrics

Endless Summer (Remix) Lyrics – Jaden I’ve been getting paid for like seven whole summers (Summers) Workin’ like a slave, won’t sleep until the sun up (Woo) Fire in the booth, turn this bitch into a sauna (Yeah) Movin’ like a hot boy, certified stunner (Yeah) I’m the best in the game, so these bitches tryna get under Catch your […]

Jaden – We Were Fifteen Lyrics

We Were Fifteen Lyrics – Jaden It’s 12 AM on the bright side, I’m in love for too long It’s high tide up in Hawaii so I just wrote you a song All of your stuff, packed in my trunk, I gotta get on my way Directions, they suck Traffic is stuck and I got nowhere to go So please […]

Jaden – Summer Lyrics

Summer Lyrics – Jaden Yeah, summer Halictid, got ’em trippin’ ’til I’m somber (Yeah, I’m ’bout that shit) Got a show in Baha, more and it’s a runner (Bought the mushrooms with me) Yeah, it’s raining, baby, this about to thunder Had a drink but need another, cause it’s summer (Wait, what?) Yeah, it’s summer, I got hitters in the […]