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Tag: Jade Bird

Jade Bird – Honeymoon Lyrics

Honeymoon Lyrics – Jade Bird Why do I wake in the morning? Fate slowly crawls in Why do I take what I’m born with And give it all to you? Ooh, I give everything I can Never learn a thing Now I’m suffering Ooh, everything I do To prove that I love you Every day a honeymoon Why do I […]

Jade Bird – Punchline Lyrics

Punchline Lyrics – Jade Bird He’s walking out Head in his hands and he’s too drunk to drive He says out loud “I’ve been asleep at the wheel my whole damn life” What a difference a day makes Oh, you started off thinking you were the top of your game You were telling jokes with the sun rise But by […]

Jade Bird – Trick Mirror Lyrics

Trick Mirror Lyrics – Jade Bird I see you like I always have But it’s a trick mirror, love can look like an avalanche So I start to run till I lose sight It’s a trick mirror and I got glass in my eyes Sometimes it’s quicker to walk away When you see signs of a darker day But the […]

Jade Bird – I’m Getting Lost Lyrics

I’m Getting Lost Lyrics – Jade Bird Don’t go out too far on your own at night You never know what kind of people you could find Don’t go crossing roads that you’ve never been down Stay where the lights are bright, and the music is loud Ooh, I’m getting lost tonight And I don’t really mind if it takes […]

Jade Bird – 1994 Lyrics

1994 Lyrics – Jade Bird My baby placed a bet on me I said that I’d do anything He sat inside the front of his car He said, “You won’t let me down, will ya?” And if you get caught Tell them nothing at all Say that I wasn’t short of six feet tall And if you get caught Tell […]

Jade Bird – Red White And Blue Lyrics

Red White And Blue Lyrics – Jade Bird Have you ever thought That the first chord you hit might be the one? Have you ever sat And looked upon your hands And seen the things they’ve done? And you see it over and over Calm your breathing as you pull over You feel your hands shake, but your body won’t […]

Jade Bird – Rely On Lyrics

Rely On Lyrics – Jade Bird Honeysweet, you know things aren’t always easy When you find you’re people pleasing all of the time Baby blue, I see the person in you And it breaks my heart to watch your spirit die If you need me to rely on, I’m there for you Somebody in the wild, when the lions move […]