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Tag: Derivakat

Derivakat – Tell Your Story Lyrics

Tell Your Story Lyrics – Derivakat I, I will tell your story All of the grief and all the glory The tales from within these pages They come and they go in stages Now all that will remain Are stories of joy and pain So look, look up at the sky And keep, keep it all inside It’s time to […]

Derivakat – Write It Down Lyrics

Write It Down Lyrics – Derivakat The stories that I know, collecting over time The memories overflow and spill out of my mind So I have to write them down, get it figured out Sorting through these thoughts in my head But can I make change, can I find a way Or am I helpless to the future instead Read […]

Derivakat – Night Before Dawn Lyrics

Night Before Dawn Lyrics – Derivakat We fight, the rebellion goes on We know the night will end with the dawn We stand up steady and strong We sing a song for freedom My friends we’re here together We’ll give one last cheer together But I know we’re on our way back home To what we’ve left behind, we’ll take […]

Derivakat – Doomsday Lyrics

Doomsday Lyrics – Derivakat Bastion of Sanctuary This is the day that everything will fall A look of fear caught in the lightning Your judgement day is coming once and for all An anthem of death sings out a cry A whispering voice invading your mind You’re stuck in the web and caught in the lie All corrupted, so corrupted […]

Derivakat – Why Lyrics

Why Lyrics – Derivakat Look at what you’ve done, is this what you call glory Do you still believe you’re the hero of your story I longed for peace, but you couldn’t leave it be Now you’ve played your part in this forever unfinished symphony Oh, it hurts, and it hurts, and it’s getting worse A promise you made, cut […]

Derivakat – Revived Lyrics

Revived Lyrics – Derivakat White streak in my hair but no stress now Trade-off, that guy’s looking like a mess now Driving off the tracks, but I’m back And I’ve seen hell but this is a bit more my style I’m alive, I’m revived, I survived, you surprised? Gonna cry about it? You should see the other guy I’m returned […]

Derivakat – Casino Royale Lyrics

Casino Royale Lyrics – Derivakat 2, 3, 4 Pay the price, play the cards If you deal in right then kid, you’re gonna get far The stakes are high, give it a try Place your bets and we’ll take you for a ride Lost in the night, in the shimmering light A palace of lies, greed in your eyes Deal […]