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Tag: Darren Criss

Darren Criss – i can’t dance Lyrics

i can’t dance Lyrics – Darren Criss I can’t dance I can’t dance anymore Another night in Paris On someone else’s tab You never had it oh so bad The sun comes up too early The service comes too late You never had to sit and wait I wear my fine couture design I’m on display, New York, LA I […]

Darren Criss – walk of shame Lyrics

walk of shame Lyrics – Darren Criss Walk of shame What a thing to be called, what a name It ain’t right It ain’t true on this beautiful day ‘Cause there’s a soul that’s in my heart And it’s started from the moment I departed from your bedside, I know I tried to go without you knowing I had gone […]

Darren Criss – Let’s Lyrics

Let’s Lyrics – Darren Criss Let’s go to a masquerade Let’s stay up all night Let’s go and collaborate La, la, la Let’s- La, la, la Let’s-, let’s-, let’s- Let’s- I was looking for a light out in the valley You were looking like a star in a silhouette And you said that you don’t smoke, but this is Cali […]