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Brandy - Borderline lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Borderline lyrics

Brandy – Borderline lyrics Ah yeah, yeah, yeahAhAhOh yeahOh yeahOh You’re sorry, you’re sorry (Sorry)What would you do if you’re alone? (Yeah)Would you think about me?I know there’s something wrong with youOn my mind all the timeIt is what it isFeelin’ crazy (Feelin’)Wanna be with me deep down (Deep down)You can feel it, you can’t help it, babyI’ll give you […]

Brandy – Sittin’ Up in My Room Lyrics
Pop Music

Brandy – Sittin’ Up in My Room Lyrics

Brandy – Sittin’ Up in My Room Lyrics Seems like ever since the first day we metThere is no one else I think of more than youCan’t seem to forget, can’t get you out my headGuess the verdict’s in, I’m crazy over youHow can one be down, tell me where to startCause every time you smile, I feel trembles in […]