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Tag: Album: You Signed Up For This (2021)

Maisie Peters – I’m Trying (Not Friends) Lyrics

I’m Trying (Not Friends) Lyrics – Maisie Peters London 2020 Boy and a girl broke up, yeah, it’s two a penny And I been tryna make a big step forward Saw you, it was awkward Nothing like I thought would happen happened I was so in love And that don’t come off in the wash Kinda hope it does though […]

Maisie Peters – Outdoor Pool Lyrics

Outdoor Pool Lyrics – Maisie Peters Bleached tips and a rugby sweatshirt Two apart in Chemistry First boy with a driver’s licence Heard you took Rebecca to HMV Saw you in the supermarket With your mum, I was with mine too She could tell I was so obsessed with you You’re asking if I wanna come out It’s a Wednesday […]

Maisie Peters – Love Him I Don’t Lyrics

Love Him I Don’t Lyrics – Maisie Peters I could see a bloodbath coming Playing checkers as the flat was flooding I wasn’t eating and you still said nothing Better should’ve known, should’ve known better But I dug my heels in Got really good at underwater breathing Guess that was my stubborn season Better should’ve known, should’ve known better Baby, […]

Maisie Peters – Boy Lyrics

Boy Lyrics – Maisie Peters I heard you had a lot of therapy When you were seventeen For your anger issues If I had a pound for every hole I saw punched in a wall I’d be a rich girl And love is something that you’ll never be It got progressively Harder to miss you And you should take this […]

Maisie Peters – Hollow Lyrics

Hollow Lyrics – Maisie Peters I wasn’t broken till you tried to fix me I wasn’t lonely till you came around It’s all magic till you see the trick, babe It was eye-to-eye to word-of-mouth We had a future till you made it history I was yours until you let me down I’d rather see love as an optimistic Than […]

Maisie Peters – Villain Lyrics

Villain Lyrics – Maisie Peters You were sitting right there on the fire escape And you look into her eyes Said, “I think it’s gonna rain”, and I I feel like screaming Remember calling me the one and saying don’t And saying, “Don’t freak out” Now you’re kissing that girl I shouldn’t worry about How do you think I’m dealing? […]

Maisie Peters – Elvis Song Lyrics

Elvis Song Lyrics – Maisie Peters (You were always on my mind) Cold bench on a platform Last train on the Northern Line I’m trying to keep you out my mind Too drunk for a drawbridge Your name floods when my eyes are shut We found love You gave it all and I gave it up I don’t do it […]

Maisie Peters – Talking To Strangers Lyrics

Talking To Strangers Lyrics – Maisie Peters There’s a man in a shop Worked there for years He knows your birthday And I know that’s weird He keeps a scratchcard Aside every week ‘Cause you’re superstitious Haven’t missed one since you were sixteen Oh, I can’t stop, I can’t just not Tell the whole wide world and this room No, […]

Maisie Peters – Tough Act Lyrics

Tough Act Lyrics – Maisie Peters We rode it to a dead end Saying goodbye to a best friend Is the bad part of the right thing to do I was hard to handle And we burnt out like a birthday candle The pictures on the mantle aren’t true Everybody knows that a breakup Is better when there’s someone to […]