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Tag: Album: Women in Music Pt. III (2020)

HAIM - Summer Girl lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Summer Girl lyrics

HAIM – Summer Girl lyrics L.A. on my mind, I can’t breatheYou’re there when I close my eyes, so hard to reachYour smiles turn into cryin’, it’s the same releaseAnd you always know, and you always know I’m your summer girlI’m your summer girlI’m your summer girlI’m your summer girl Do-do, do-do-do-doDo-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-doDo-do, do-do-do-doDo-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-doDo-do, do-do-do-doDo-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-doDo-do, do-do-do-doDo-do-do-do, do-do-do-do-do Lightnin’ […]

HAIM - Hallelujah lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Hallelujah lyrics

HAIM – Hallelujah lyrics [Danielle]I met two angels, but they were in disguiseTook one look to realizeTell ’em anything and they will sympathizeThese arms hold me tightOld fears, helped to ease them in my mindNew tears say that they will dry in time [Danielle]Why me? How’d I get this hallelujah?Hallelujah [Este, Danielle]Laughing together like our thoughts are harmonizedBeen that way […]

HAIM - Now I’m In It lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Now I’m In It lyrics

HAIM – Now I’m In It lyrics Looking in the mirror again and againWishing the reflection would tell me somethingI, I can’t get a hold of myselfI can’t get outta this situationWalking in a straight line, thinking about last timeThis time, I said I would do this rightSaid I would never break this promiseBut now I’m back to counting on […]

HAIM - FUBT lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – FUBT lyrics

HAIM – FUBT lyrics I kinda like it when you leave me at the party late‘Cause every now and then I wanna feel that empty spaceI kinda like it when you say the things you shouldn’t say‘Cause those are all the things that I was thinkin’ anywayIt’s wrong, but you could do no wrongAnd baby, even though, it makes me […]

HAIM - All That Ever Mattered lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – All That Ever Mattered lyrics

HAIM – All That Ever Mattered lyrics When I look at your faceWhen I look in your eyesThis is not what you wantedYou never liked surprisesIt’s not about them or what they think we doI never cared about what they saidI only cared about me and you I’m not something that you can buyYou know I’ve never been that type […]

HAIM - Man from the Magazine lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Man from the Magazine lyrics

HAIM – Man from the Magazine lyrics One, two, three Man from the magazine what did you say?“Do you make the same faces in bed?”Hey, man, what kind of question is that?What did you really want me to say back?What’s going on behind those dark glasses?Is this what you think making a pass is?Wondering which door could get me out […]

HAIM - I’ve Been Down lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – I’ve Been Down lyrics

HAIM – I’ve Been Down lyrics I’ve been running around townFeeling up and downTaped up the windows at the houseBut I ain’t dead yetWould you even pick me out in the crowd?‘Cause I can’t recognize myself nowAnd I’m turning away helpCan you pull me out? I’ve been downI’ve been down You say there’s no stupid questionsOnly stupid peopleWell I’ve been […]

HAIM - Leaning on You lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Leaning on You lyrics

HAIM – Leaning on You lyrics I might forget to turn out all the lightsBut you take care of me when I have to leave at dawnI might sleep in past all my alarmsBut you take care of us when I make it tough because It takes all that I gotNot to fuck this upSo won’t you let me knowIf […]

HAIM - Another Try lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Another Try lyrics

HAIM – Another Try lyrics One thing or two thingsNever really mattered that much to meNow all these apologies are on repeatIs it destiny or just chemistry?We’re living in such extremesAnd life won’t wait around So are we gonna give it another try?Are we gonna give it another try?‘Cause if it’s luck that’s not on our sideI’m wishing the best […]

HAIM - 3 AM lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – 3 AM lyrics

HAIM – 3 AM lyrics Hey, uh, what’s up?Just calling to see if you’re still upBut straight to voicemail, uhYeah, no biggyUm, if you’re up or whatever just hit me up Now you’re calling3 AM, my head is spinningPushed off the sheets from my bed‘Cause the phone keeps ringingAll I keep thinking is have I lost my mind?But I’m picking […]

HAIM - Gasoline lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Gasoline lyrics

HAIM – Gasoline lyrics You took me backBut you shouldn’t haveNow it’s your fault if I mess aroundI took a dragBut I shouldn’t haveNow I’m coughing up like INever smoked a pack Gasoline, pretty pleaseI want to get offBut you’re such a teaseThrow the keys back to meGo on and kick off your bootsIn the passenger seat I get sad, […]

HAIM - Up from a Dream lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Up from a Dream lyrics

HAIM – Up from a Dream lyrics I was dreaming again, you were there with meWe were on the beach, running in the seaYou pointed to a sign but in dreams you can’t readAnd in that moment I snapped again Something you see wakes you up from the dreamWanna go back to sleep but now you’re up from the dreamWalk […]

HAIM - Los Angeles lyrics
Pop Music

HAIM – Los Angeles lyrics

HAIM – Los Angeles lyrics Los AngelesGive me a miracle, I just want out from thisI’ve done my share of helping with your defenseBut now I can’t dismissIt’s killing meHometown of mineJust got back from the boulevard, can’t stop cryingThe guy at the corner shop gave me a line and a smileI know he was tryingBut a lie is a […]

HAIM – Don’t Wanna lyrics
Rock Music

HAIM – Don’t Wanna lyrics

HAIM – Don’t Wanna lyrics Ooh yeahYou did me so badWhen I was in the momentWell I didn’t understandOoh yeahYou did me so hardLeft me low with my high heelsIn the parking lot Always thought I’d see it coming (mmm)But I don’tGot to leave the engine runningIn the front seatIn my Momma’s winter coat I don’t wanna give up on […]

HAIM – I Know Alone Lyrics

HAIM – I Know Alone Lyrics

HAIM – I Know Alone Lyrics Been a couple days since I’ve been outCalling all my friends but they won’t pick upFound another room in a different placeSleeping through the day and I dream the same I don’t wanna give too muchI don’t wanna feel at all ‘Cause nights turn into daysThat turn to greyKeep turning overSome things never growI […]

HAIM – The Steps Lyrics

HAIM – The Steps Lyrics

HAIM – The Steps Lyrics So baby, when I’m near youYou can’t feel me, I’m lightnin’You used to come byAnd sit down by my sideYou would come in closeAnd take off all my clothes Every time I think that I’ve been takin’ the stepsYou end up mad at me for makin’ a messI can’t understand, why you don’t understand meBabyAnd […]