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Tag: Album: Solar Power (2021)

Lorde – The Path Lyrics

The Path Lyrics – Lorde Born in the year of OxyContin Raised in the tall grass Teen millionaire having nightmares from the camera flash Now I’m alone on a windswept island Caught in the complex divorce of the seasons Won’t take the call if it’s the label or the radio Ahh Ahh Arm in a cast at the museum gala […]

Lorde – California Lyrics

California Lyrics – Lorde Once upon a time in Hollywood when Carole called my name I stood up, the room exploded and I knew that’s it, I’ll never be the same That’s when a door swung open and a voice said, “We’re glad you came” Now I’ve spent thousands on you darling, all the hotels and the jets And I’d […]

Lorde – Fallen Fruit Lyrics

Fallen Fruit Lyrics – Lorde To the ones who came before us All the golden ones who were lifted on a wing We had no idea the dreams we had were far too big Far too big And we will walk together Psychedelic garlands in our hair Through the halls of splendour where the apple trees all grew You’ll leave […]

Lorde – Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All) Lyrics

Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All) Lyrics – Lorde Dancing with my girls, only having two drinks then leaving It’s a funny thing, thought you’d never gain self control Guess it’s been a while since you last said sorry Crying in the dark at your best friends’ parties You’ve had enough, gotta turn the lights up, go home […]

Lorde – The Man With The Axe Lyrics

The Man With The Axe Lyrics – Lorde If I had to break it down, I’d say it’s the way you love to dance Moving the furniture when my back is turned A flick of the lights and the world falls away And your office job, and your silver hair But our shapes in the dark are the reason I’ve […]

Lorde – Dominoes Lyrics

Dominoes Lyrics – Lorde I heard that you were doing yoga With Uma Thurman’s mother Just outside of Woodstock Now you’re watering all the flowers You planted with your new girlfriend Outside on the rooftop Just another phase you’re rushing on through Go all New Age, outrunning your blues Fifty gleaming chances in a row And I watch you flick […]

Lorde – Big Star Lyrics

Big Star Lyrics – Lorde Everyone knows that you’re too good for me, don’t they? I’m a cheater, I lie and I’m shy But you like to say hello to total strangers Shivering pines and walls of colour I can’t believe I used to stay inside But every perfect summer’s got to say goodnight Now I watch you run through […]

Lorde – Leader Of A New Regime Lyrics

Leader Of A New Regime Lyrics – Lorde Wearing SPF 3000 for the ultraviolet rays Made it to the island on the last of the outbound planes Got a trunkful of Simone and CĂ©line and of course my magazines I’m gonna live out my days Won’t somebody, anybody Be the leader of a new regime? Free the keepers of the […]

Lorde – Oceanic Feeling Lyrics

Oceanic Feeling Lyrics – Lorde It’s a blue day We could jump Bulli When I hit that water When it holds me I think about my father Doing the same thing When he was a boy When he was a boy It’s a blue day We could go fishing You’ll catch the big one Sliding the knife under the skin […]