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Tag: Album: See You Next Wednesday (2021)

Belly – Snakes & Ladders Lyrics

Snakes & Ladders Lyrics – Belly Good evening Good morning And good afternoon I see some of you have returned A bold choice To the newcomers I say Please be seated And do not be alarmed For this is just a figment of your mind Yeah Uh Alright The only time I’ll be a snake is at the sight of […]

Belly – Moment Of Silence Lyrics

Moment Of Silence Lyrics – Belly They say the first million the hardest to make I say it’s the hardest to keep I pop my collar ’cause I am a dog off the leash My OG a God in these streets Hey man, I can’t partake in your fraudulent beefs (No) We know you talk to police (You talk to […]

Belly – Flowers Lyrics

Flowers Lyrics – Belly I might just disappear Give me my flowers while I’m still here Before you shed a tear Give me my flowers while I’m still here I cannot live in fear Give me my flowers while I’m still here That day I disappeared You wish you’d gave me my flowers I don’t wanna die young I don’t […]

Belly – Razor Lyrics

Razor Lyrics – Belly I just gained suicide doors I got ’em sick Razor on the wrist Razor on the wrist New Rollie, two tone gold Don’t even tick Razor on the wrist Razor on the wrist Got some tings in the whip and we rollin’ Drivin’ that bitch like it’s stolen When I pull up, my pockets, they swollen […]

Belly – Die For It Lyrics

Die For It Lyrics – Belly I was told that is was heaven I was told that it was there before I was told that you would never leave And I was told that it was said before If this is what it is, then I’ll die for it If this is what it is, then I’ll die for it […]

Belly – Requiem Lyrics

Requiem Lyrics – Belly She’s back on the scene (Back on that) You know the routine (You know the routine) You can come on my side (Come on my) You can fuck with the team She said it sound like a chopper That’s a money machine (That’s a money machine) Double dutch, triple beam Requiem for a dream I waited […]

Belly – Two Tone Lyrics

Two Tone Lyrics – Belly I won’t let them breathe I got what you need The devil’s a lie I never believe Two Tone, ya Sliding down the road like a sheikh Two Tone, ya Sliding down the road like a sheikh You ain’t poppin Change the topic (Change it) Fuckin’ with me, that would be so catastrophic Vintage pocket […]

Belly – Wu Tang Lyrics

Wu Tang Lyrics – Belly Wu Tang Cream, wrist Dairy Queen If she wear a pair of jeans she gon’ tear the seam Bitches lying on me Billie Jean, yeah Stacking paper till it’s old as Larry King And I want everything With the fixings I’ve been mixing up emotions with addiction All I see is rappers telling lies and […]

Belly – Sucker Lyrics

Sucker Lyrics – Belly Ooh, ooh Whoa, ooh Whoa, ooh Whoa Whoa Whoa Yeah Yeah I wake up every morning Count money 20’s 50’s 100’s Only thing I’m cuffing Snow bunny, nose running like she coming down with something So broke I almost cried until I started chopping onions (Shit is numbing) It’s ironic cause I felt it all coming […]

Belly – Scary Sight Lyrics

Scary Sight Lyrics – Belly Look My ex in here jelly, grew up watching Belly I’m in here with Belly and shit you could Tryna tell me They tryna see me, that’s a scary sight Niggas ain’t homies, they parasites I’m going up, Mr. Fahrenheit I’m going up, I ain’t scared of heights Take the flight I live my life […]

Belly – Can You Feel It Lyrics

Can You Feel It Lyrics – Belly Look Started from a half a kilo Now I’m talking millions over cappuccino Feel like Carlito tryna reload Rap Pacino, no ego I’m real dope, you a whole placebo I been counting new money in the old Camino Mendocino bud, diamonds Pellegrino She know, I walk in they call me el Padrino Primo […]