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Tag: Album: Pyrex Picasso (2021)

Benny the Butcher – 1st Name Basis Lyrics

1st Name Basis Lyrics – Benny the Butcher Listen Y’all niggas don’t understand, I spanked the feds already That shit real I be talkin’ ’bout My niggas fightin’ cases right now, on the BSF case right now Them niggas watch all my Snaps, all my pages Them niggas know everything, real shit The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Buffalo already […]

Benny the Butcher – Flood the Block Lyrics

Flood the Block Lyrics – Benny the Butcher Griselda Respect the scorpion, nigga Ah The butcher comin’, nigga Y’all know what it is, nigga Black Soprano Family, nigga Brrt Gave niggas the benefit Talked it out when I could’ve paid killers to finish it Grave diggers that’s generous (Uh-huh) From a corner store, now we made niggas with businesses In […]

Benny the Butcher – PWRDRL Lyrics

PWRDRL Lyrics – Benny the Butcher The primary objective of a narcotics investigation Is not just the identification of the drug user It is more important to locate the supplier, the pusher The butcher comin’, nigga (Yo) I’m a east coast don, I got hitters in Cali too One call, I could rally troops, they comin’ in Caddy coupes I […]

Benny the Butcher – ’73 Lyrics

’73 Lyrics – Benny the Butcher Uh Yo, uh Shit stupid Uh Yo, uh Yo, uh Yo, uh Yo Trap back coping Maybach with the back open Fiends that use my chill spots just for crack smoking MAC toting Cash flowing long as the packs roll in Fuck these hoes, get money, that’s my only slogan I bend the corner […]

Benny the Butcher – The Iron Curtain Lyrics

The Iron Curtain Lyrics – Benny the Butcher The almighty (Griselda) Uh The Butcher comin’, nigga Let’s go Uh I’m black royalty (Royalty) With black lawyers, I ate off the black market, so good luck blackballing in me The ghost of ‘Chine Gun Black hauntin’ me I feel like I’m nuts ’cause every time I count up, them racks talk […]

Benny the Butcher – Fly With Me Lyrics

Fly With Me Lyrics – Benny the Butcher When I was broke My confidence was on a million My shit was on a million ‘Cause I knew I was comin’ out of that We split the money up in two, five hundred grand in the kitty (Uh-huh) All these racks, got your bitch down in Panama City Yeah, this for […]

Benny the Butcher – Pyrex Picasso Lyrics

Pyrex Picasso Lyrics – Benny the Butcher Time to get my hands dirty again I made my first few thousand by accident I swear you don’t even know the half of it Never would have ‘magined I’d be passionate And the plug always know I’m coming back again Getting money all day until the night fall I remember Mama couldn’t […]