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Tag: Album: Infinite Granite (2021)

Deafheaven – Shellstar Lyrics

Shellstar Lyrics – Deafheaven Nothing changes the condition Dormant sooted desertion When a violet peeling shows teeth glowing Horizons fleeing, lilacs swaying A sublime wander through summer fire The char, the ash, the cough, the roar I question the reason For the freedom in unfeeling I question the reason In this furnace of revealing Salvage the illusion of once mint […]

Deafheaven – Great Mass Of Color Lyrics

Great Mass Of Color Lyrics – Deafheaven Quiet as a cradle I laid in a middle night drift, spinning Hissed at the moon Conjured up the flowers To fix my impression of the gloom I feel them all Great mass of color Flooded in my bed I feel them all The great mass of color Flooded in my bed Dissolving […]

Deafheaven – Lament For Wasps Lyrics

Lament For Wasps Lyrics – Deafheaven Frigid bedroom capture In a spring without desire Harvesting brightness despite Drawn to the heat, not the light I lay steady Stare at the ceiling Waking fears of nothing You lament for wasps You glow cobalt In the home of the friendless Another night spent fussing Feasting like the lords Laughing at the fronting […]

Deafheaven – Villain Lyrics

Villain Lyrics – Deafheaven A cold floor fit for you In all your midnight itching No one coming quickly to Save you from the After Hurried with the hounds now He’s my own Eclipsing my love His rottweiler sermon He’s my own Driving the talons My own villain rising 30 months, I’m still asking If 30 months feels strong 30 […]

Deafheaven – Other Language Lyrics

Other Language Lyrics – Deafheaven In dreams speaking In other language Held you closely Fed on lightning How could you see beacons shining in the shallow? How could you know relief while sinking to Mirages out of view? Crawl and wander Tears to water Growing this garden alone How could you see beacons shining in the shallow? How could you […]

Deafheaven – Mombasa Lyrics

Mombasa Lyrics – Deafheaven Stranded naked on the sandbar Echoed from the stars Neon Sea snake cemetery roaming under dusk Doberman visions You’re undressing Mute and bleary Hillside castles baking down to sand Hillside castles baking down to sand Shamed red Chopin Plays awful sounds from the dresser Nurse’s hands carving in slate Hummingbird gestures Sleeping in nectar Teething on […]

Deafheaven – In Blur Lyrics

In Blur Lyrics – Deafheaven In blur, father glanced over stirred Imagined you laughing Muddied feet dancing What is this aching prism? This prison wincing Receiving sudden swaths of dogma Wandering over royal yonder Wandering over flooded ground again What does daylight look like in this chaos of cold? What does daylight look like? Solitude and falling into respites now […]