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Tag: Album: IDK & FRIENDS 2 (Basketball County Soundtrack)(2020)

IDK & Xanman - RILEY lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

IDK & Xanman – RILEY lyrics

IDK & Xanman – RILEY lyrics [IDK]Ayy, wooOoh, ooh, ooh, oohUh-huh, uh, uh-uh, uhUh-huh, uh, uh-uh, uh [XanMan]Put a chop to his head like he special edXan got a big .40 and I’ll still put it down and then rack his assBlood all over the scene, blood on the scene, it look like a maxipadIndian plug, hold up, that nigga […]

IDK - OMERTÀ lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

IDK – OMERTÀ lyrics

IDK – OMERTÀ lyrics (Skit)Ayy, mo’, it’s come to my muhfuckin’ attention and you niggas is throwin’ me the motherfuck off, man. Shut the fuck up. You know what the fuck omertà means? Shut the fuck up, homes. We just went over this, W-1, witness one, defendant one. A statement, which is hearsay, goes to the Grand Jury, gets sworn […]

IDK - SQUARE UP lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

IDK – SQUARE UP lyrics

IDK – SQUARE UP lyrics(ft. Juicy J) [IDK]UhUh-huh, uh, uh, uh, uhWoah, woah, woah, uh [IDK]I might hop out in Europe, step all on your heartThese bitches is thinking they ballin’ with meLook, my future is bright, so don’t play no partsIn wasting my time, my time ain’t cheapThey was sleeping like Z Z Z, now I’m like, “See, see, […]

Hip-Hop / R&B


IDK – END OF DISCUSSION lyrics(ft. PnB Rock) [IDK]I got money, I got money, I got issues, I got problems with me‘Cause when she see me pull up in that, oh, shitShe know that I could drive her crazy [PnB Rock]Put some diamonds in my chain and my shit bussin’ (Shit’s bussin’)She know I’m havin’ cash, so this shit ain’t […]

IDK & Ronny J - TOOTH FAIRY lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

IDK & Ronny J – TOOTH FAIRY lyrics

IDK & Ronny J – TOOTH FAIRY lyrics If I tell a bitch I’m in love, she a ten (Oh my God, Ronny)Otherwise it’s a lie, it’s a dub, it’s the truthI’m the one, number two, that my son, “Hello sonHow you doin’? You got money for your lunch?”I got somethin’ for them niggas with their panties in a bunchLike […]

Wale, IDK & Alex Vaughn - LIVE FOR IT lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Wale, IDK & Alex Vaughn – LIVE FOR IT lyrics

Wale, IDK & Alex Vaughn – LIVE FOR IT lyrics [IDK]WooAyy [Wale]Go, defeat the odds, defeat the odds, that shit be hardGot all the scars and trauma but he still got a pulseHe still got a voice, he work until it hurtsAn angel told me, “Don’t ever fall in love with results”The grind heavy, my mind ready, I’m not trippin’Look […]

IDK & A$AP Ferg – Mazel Tov lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

IDK & A$AP Ferg – Mazel Tov lyrics

IDK & A$AP Ferg – Mazel Tov lyrics [A$AP Ferg]Coo-coo (Hoo, hoo, hoo), oh [IDK]Ayy (Ayy), ayy (Ayy), ayy (Ayy), ayy (Ayy)Ayy (Ayy), uh-huh, uh-huh, ayy (Ayy)Hey (Ayy), yeah (Ayy), hey (Ayy), yeah (Ayy)Hey (Ayy), yeah (Ayy), hey (Ayy), yeah (Ayy), hey [IDK]Mazel Tov to the gang (Gang, yeah)Livin’ far from lames (Lames)Livin’ out in the Hills (Hills)Jewish guys pay […]

IDK & YungManny - 495 lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

IDK & YungManny – 495 lyrics

IDK & YungManny – 495 lyrics(feat. Rico Nasty, Big Flock, Big JAM & Weensey) [Weensey, Logic, Juicy J & IDK](Love can be so cruel) All of a sudden, I’m in a dream(Love got me on you) Just lookin’ at you has made it beginWhat Juicy say? He like, “Shut the fuck up!”Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, nigga)Yeah, yeah, yeah…Uh-huh, uh, uh, […]