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Tag: Album: FLOAT (2021)

K CAMP – Forgiveness Lyrics

Forgiveness Lyrics – K CAMP I don’t think nobody has ever seen a motherfucka come back like this, have you ever seen it? Any type of lil phrase you wanna put on it, Ain’t got nun, whatever you wanna say. Who would’ve ever thought you’ll see a mothafucka just huh on ya’ll ass ya feel me boy stop playin, do […]

K CAMP – Check My Stats Lyrics

Check My Stats Lyrics – K CAMP Check my stats, I done got it out the mud, baby Know this shit getting crazy, Patrick Swayze Me and her was all good till she lost the baby I ain’t cheating, bitch, I love you, fuck them allegations I’m in blue flame, eating me a salmon salad Go to war for my […]

K CAMP – Tables Turn Lyrics

Tables Turn Lyrics – K CAMP (This ain’t Rare Sound, I don’t wanna hear it) Yeah, oh-oh-oh Let’s go It’s too easy, she gon’ let me in that pussy, that’s too easy They done let me run my check up it’s too easy Shooters shooting from the neck up that’s too easy Grab my blicky then bless up life ain’t […]

K CAMP – Slauson Lyrics

Slauson Lyrics – K CAMP Soon as you get money all these niggas say you changed Niggas way back then say they want smoke, won’t do a thing Never said I was gangster but the F&N do got range Not the nigga that I used to be, can’t lie to you, shit changed Throw on some rings, I throw on […]

K CAMP – Yuck Lyrics

Yuck Lyrics – K CAMP Treat these bitches like a slut Thumb in her butt You can look but can not touch She just want my nuts Benjamin is all I trust Who them niggas? Us, yeah, yeah Who them niggas? Us Treat these bitches like a slut Thumb in her butt You can look but can not touch She […]

K CAMP – Privacy Lyrics

Privacy Lyrics – K CAMP (New playlist) Noooo I been, watching you, you been watching me Sex inside your eyes, baby is that what you see Is that what you want, don’t you lie to me I’m tryna open up your love Can I get that body up in privacy Cause I want to lock it up just slide the […]

K CAMP – Rain On Your Skin Lyrics

Rain On Your Skin Lyrics – K CAMP She know I got options She can skip her plan and get straight to fucking Looking for a bae looking for a husband Know I keep them racks but she getting nothing Pull up to the spot let it rain on your skin She know what it is real niggas walked in […]

K CAMP – Flaws Included Lyrics

Flaws Included Lyrics – K CAMP “Like every sacrifice that I made, every sacrifice that you make, every tear that you cry thinking that you can’t do it, thinking that, I’m tired of this, I’m tired of being you know it’s not about me, you know it’s about all of us.” Take me as I am flaws included Take me […]

K CAMP – Mama Lyrics

Mama Lyrics – K CAMP Oh mama, yeah Oh, mama (Mama) I appreciate the things that you do for me Oh, oh, oh mama (Mama) I just know the queen is made for me, I bet she’s something like you Oh mama (Mama) My special lady (My special lady) Oh you, you taught me how, how to love and understand, […]