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Tag: Album: Don’t You Feel Amazing? (2021)

Trash Boat – Don’t You Feel Amazing? Lyrics

Don’t You Feel Amazing? Lyrics – Trash Boat You took my heroin away, I feel strange These chemicals control my brain Filth to clean, everything in between (We know that) drugs work (That is) until they don’t (Grow your) new skin over a gaping hole A black well, and down I sink I want you to think I don’t care […]

Trash Boat – Silence Is Golden Lyrics

Silence Is Golden Lyrics – Trash Boat War with an enemy we can’t reach So we turn our rage to the man on the street No profit in unity Our silence no longer speaks Face it You know you’re never gonna change it From subliminal to blatant Keeping you complacent or terrified Fake it I’d do anything to make it […]

Trash Boat – Bad Entertainment Lyrics

Bad Entertainment Lyrics – Trash Boat They’ve been feeding us a fantasy So abstract, it’s a fact if it’s on TV Never gonna stop, coming ready or not, go Force common ground with a crisis Wanna fight back but I think I kinda like it lifeless Never gonna stop, coming ready or not, go Straight through the lead Straight to […]

Trash Boat – Love Without Needing Lyrics

Love Without Needing Lyrics – Trash Boat I wanna know what makes me Nature, nurture, all the things I’ve seen I am history Brand new parts to an old machine I wanna play without cheating I wanna love without needing But I just sit in my feelings Searching for meaning I wanna love without needing I love my pain It […]

Trash Boat – He’s So Good Lyrics

He’s So Good Lyrics – Trash Boat I couldn’t paint you a picture with a thousand words He discovered the truth from things he overheard They have a son among the accursed Hitherto if it’s true that we choose… What’s it got to do with you? It makes me want to scream He’s so good when he talks to his […]

Trash Boat – Vertigo Lyrics

Vertigo Lyrics – Trash Boat Yeah I’m used Used boy I’ve been abused So why would I choose to deny the light? Die It’s so easy to die So why do I deserve suicide? Love, but it’s never enough Is it better to suffer and survive? Caught, now I feel like a fraud Now I’m stuck with a god that […]

Trash Boat – Alpha Omega Lyrics

Alpha Omega Lyrics – Trash Boat Fuck it, here we go again Problems no one can explain A new day but nothing’s changed I need something for the pain Doctor, please, I need a friend Shut up, take your medicine Oxy makes me itch Can’t complain when it feels like this You can take it or leave Alpha, omega, the […]

Trash Boat – Idios Lyrics

Idios Lyrics – Trash Boat Hello and welcome to Idios I’m obsessed with my breath, I’m depressed, can I leave? I can go where I want, but I’ll never be free I digress, I’m impressed you digest this disease You can eat what you want, just don’t feed it to me Hello and welcome to idios There are a couple […]

Trash Boat – Cannibal Lyrics

Cannibal Lyrics – Trash Boat Got the things I deserve and I didn’t even try I can see what I’m worth only through another’s eyes, yeah You think I’m a tragedy And you, you can feel bad for me Boy don’t waste your energy You can live like a king You can have it all, have it all You can […]