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Tag: Album: B7 (2020)

Daniel Caesar & Brandy - LOVE AGAIN lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Daniel Caesar & Brandy – LOVE AGAIN lyrics

Daniel Caesar & Brandy – LOVE AGAIN lyrics [Daniel Caesar & Brandy]I wake from my slumberI wish I could call you upMiss how you put your love on meBoy, you’ve got my numberWish I could feel your touchWish you could follow up on me [Daniel Caesar]You never know when to chillAlways talk ’bout keep it realOnly ’til you’ve had your […]

Brandy - Bye BiPolar lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Bye BiPolar lyrics

Brandy – Bye BiPolar lyrics Bye bye, bye bipolarI don’t really want no more disorderPretty boy in love got both shoulders colder‘Cause you strung me like thread, I was damn near deadAnd you fucked with my head like lead, Russian roulette And I cried and cried and cried and cried and criedDied and died and died and died aliveLied and […]

Brandy - High Heels lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – High Heels lyrics

Brandy – High Heels lyrics(ft. Sy’rai) [Sy’rai]Yeah, yeah [Sy’rai]High heelsI feel good out hereI’m one in a zillionI’m real and care less if they knowNo fears, that’s all I can pray for [Sy’rai]Yes, I know they’re planning to take this downI spent a minute on meFound a way to escape your doubtsAnd don’t forget it, babyThere’s not a gray that […]

Brandy - I Am More lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – I Am More lyrics

Brandy – I Am More lyrics (Oh-oh) Look what you done startedKissing me in carsMy mind isn’t retardedOur feelings on Mars (Yeah)Tell me that you’re sorry (Sorry)You can’t leave her (She can’t do what I can do)Tell me that you love me (I can do anything)And y’all nothing like us, no more I love you (More)More than (Than)A friend (A […]

Brandy - All My Life, Pt. 2 lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – All My Life, Pt. 2 lyrics

Brandy – All My Life, Pt. 2 lyrics All my lifeI see a man that you’ll never knowI’m just a hand you never wantBelieve me if I see him aroundBecause you ain’t gon’ scare away my rain cloudNow all I see is rainbows, rainbowsTime with you is a get awayI can live in my lane, yeahAll my lifeForever and everAll […]

Brandy - Say Something lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Say Something lyrics

Brandy – Say Something lyrics Ayy, yeah-yeah I’m on the fence ’cause I’m under attackBeen on that fence and I ain’t looking backQuestioned some things that I thought was a factI said some things that I could never take backFigures of speech, I put you on the mapYou take back promises, where did they go?Acting up but no one’s there […]

Brandy - No Tomorrow lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – No Tomorrow lyrics

Brandy – No Tomorrow lyrics Yeah, yeah-yeahCan you give me a minute? Yeah, real quickWhile I get me some M&M’s from the 7-ElevenI like it ’cause you know how I get downAnd you know how I move in secretAnd yeah, you might be the one I could tell everything toYou got me in your back pocket You don’t know it […]

Brandy - Lucid Dreams lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Lucid Dreams lyrics

Brandy – Lucid Dreams lyrics One more strike and I’m outI had to figure it out before I loseLose me to youFeeling like IGot demons to tame (Illusions)Maybe it’s a dazeGots worse all the timeI was always highI had to readjustI got the feeling I didn’t belong thereAll alone here I’ve been here before, ain’t no secretGuilt dealt me tragedy […]

Brandy - Rather Be lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Rather Be lyrics

Brandy – Rather Be lyrics I’d rather be kissing you, baby (Yeah)I’d rather be kissing you, baby (Yeah)I don’t need your extras, just give you to me (I, I)I’d rather be kissing you, baby (Yeah) Just call me more, a littleYour voice, it makes me feel betterWhy you even tryna ignore me?Boy, there’s other ways to get my attentionJust be […]

Brandy - Unconditional Oceans lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Unconditional Oceans lyrics

Brandy – Unconditional Oceans lyrics Distraction curves, I took a turn and changed my viewThough I lost but earnedWhat I deserved is ’cause of you (Yeah, yeah, yeah)Why I’d rather suffer before I’d ever let you down?I ain’t ever scared to let the truth outOh, they won’t ever lay me down Where we going?We diving in the oceanThe tidal winds […]

Brandy - Saving All My Love lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Saving All My Love lyrics

Brandy – Saving All My Love lyrics Your love (All my life)Your loveYour love Sorry for my tardyLong time I was brokenheartedHeartache, I’m guardedI’m talking, goddamnLet me live (Let me)Let me liveJust ’cause I can sing for youSounds like Brandy killed itI’m as solid as a rock without the boatCame alive, the goatBut I ain’t saving all my love LadenLay […]

Brandy - Borderline lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Borderline lyrics

Brandy – Borderline lyrics Ah yeah, yeah, yeahAhAhOh yeahOh yeahOh You’re sorry, you’re sorry (Sorry)What would you do if you’re alone? (Yeah)Would you think about me?I know there’s something wrong with youOn my mind all the timeIt is what it isFeelin’ crazy (Feelin’)Wanna be with me deep down (Deep down)You can feel it, you can’t help it, babyI’ll give you […]

Brandy - Baby Mama lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Brandy – Baby Mama lyrics

Brandy – Baby Mama lyrics(ft. Chance the Rapper) Hit-Boy [Brandy]Only kind of first real loveMy baby got them dreamsShe can tell just in a voice from aboveShe’s a pearl in the roughIt takes a village to raise ’emWe don’t do it all by ourselvesI know my smile can be upstagin’On the stage, I provide like a daddyAnd a mother, mother, […]