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Category: Pop Music

Jordan Fisher – Contact Lyrics
Pop Music

Jordan Fisher – Contact Lyrics

Jordan Fisher – Contact Lyrics Stop for a minute I was all “ain’t lookin’ for love” Swimmin’ in my cup, drunk I wasn’t with it But you just roll my paper walls Smokin’ til I fall, down We don’t even have to touch You already in my blood How you do what you do Baby, do what you do Hit […]

Lauren Aquilina – Bad People Lyrics
Pop Music

Lauren Aquilina – Bad People Lyrics

Lauren Aquilina – Bad People Lyrics I’m gonna show up late and make no effort to be nice I’m gonna give out some intentionally bad advice I’ll share your secrets, show your weakness so they don’t see mine I’m gonna cut off twenty people while I’m driving home Hand out the window, middle finger up just so they know I […]

Kristian Kostov – Honest Lyrics
Pop Music

Kristian Kostov – Honest Lyrics

Kristian Kostov – Honest Lyrics You keep getting better at stories And I stopped reading between the lines You don’t answer my calls, when I need you So, why are you with me right now No matter what you say, I know you’re lying But I kinda wish you were telling the truth Tell me that you’re honest Tell me […]

I WANT POETRY – Growing Pains Lyrics
Pop Music

I WANT POETRY – Growing Pains Lyrics

I WANT POETRY – Growing Pains Lyrics I should have known birds fly out when grown Get out of my nest jump off that cliff return your shells to the sea It was not what I wanted the seed I planted not what I wanted/now pulls me under These growing pains keep me wanting to shed my skin These growing […]

BTS – Make It Right Lyrics
Pop Music

BTS – Make It Right Lyrics

BTS – Make It Right Lyrics [BTS : V] 내가 날 눈치챘던 순간 떠나야만 했어 난 찾아내야 했어 All day all night [BTS : Jimin] 사막과 바다들을 건너 넓고 넓은 세계를 헤매어 다녔어 Baby I [BTS : Jungkook] I could make it better I could hold you tighter 그 먼 길 위에서 Oh you’re the light [BTS : V] 초대받지 […]

COIN – Crash My Car Lyrics
Pop Music

COIN – Crash My Car Lyrics

COIN – Crash My Car Lyrics Walk in like a wrecking ball The way she moves makes me miserable All eyes on the golden girl She’s gonna tell ya, gonna tell ya, gonna tell ya That you’re too sweet Swan dive to the concrete floor The pavement never felt so warm One look and you already know She’s gonna cut […]

Vanessa Carlton – Miner’s Canary Lyrics
Pop Music

Vanessa Carlton – Miner’s Canary Lyrics

Vanessa Carlton – Miner’s Canary Lyrics I will sing, to keep the peace Down below in the cage you built for me A cave of echoes A miner’s canary You were older, you knew the way To keep me breathing even though the air was thin There was no oxygen A miner’s canary… Lead me, slowly I am your detective […]

Alex Sampson – Cold Shoulder Lyrics
Pop Music

Alex Sampson – Cold Shoulder Lyrics

Alex Sampson – Cold Shoulder Lyrics You had me wrapped up Around your finger You made an August Feel like winter Don’t know how I was supposed to Light up your heart With no vision in the shadows Cause you left me in the dark Don’t be sad it’s over Don’t regret us getting closer (Oh) You got everything you […]

Paul Baloche – Marvelous Things Lyrics
Pop Music

Paul Baloche – Marvelous Things Lyrics

Paul Baloche – Marvelous Things Lyrics You have done marvelous things Bore the whole world’s sin Let Your people sing You’re worthy You hold the stars in place Stir the ocean’s waves Over all You reign, almighty Worthy Only You are worthy To receive all glory Only You have died and rose again Worthy May You find us worthy Covered […]

Alanis Morissette – Smiling Lyrics
Pop Music

Alanis Morissette – Smiling Lyrics

Alanis Morissette – Smiling Lyrics This is a life of extremes Both sides are slippery and enticing These are my places off the rails And this, my loose recollection of a falling I barely remember who I failed I was just trying to keep it together This is my first wave of my white flag This is the sound of […]

Livingston – Fairytale Lyrics
Pop Music

Livingston – Fairytale Lyrics

Livingston – Fairytale Lyrics At age of nine I lived through Pixar on a screen And every single problem seemed so little then to me Cause Flik still saved the anthill even though I couldn’t see beyond The kids at school that hated me and my insecurity Oh I thought I was invincible But Mr. Incredible can only take so […]

Orla Gartland – Heavy Lyrics
Pop Music

Orla Gartland – Heavy Lyrics

Orla Gartland – Heavy Lyrics do you think about me at night? when the sky is losing light I swear my head fills up with memories every time are you moving on with your life? did you find a job you like? I always thought you could do anything and I’ve been running over all the things that I will […]

Oklou – entertnmnt Lyrics
Pop Music

Oklou – entertnmnt Lyrics

Oklou – entertnmnt Lyrics I know it’s strange that I’m laughing You think I’m strong, but I’m drowning Keep me there, I want to see the train Wouldn’t want to taste it anyway It’s almost fine how I’m faking You think I’m though, babe, I’m terrified No, I don’t even want to see the sun The kingdom’s ending, but I’m […]

Emily Burns – Hello Lyrics
Pop Music

Emily Burns – Hello Lyrics

Emily Burns – Hello Lyrics D’you know how many lies I’ve had to tell my friends? How many nights I’ve seen out to the end? Lost count of the times I’ve rewritten Messages I’ll never send If you knew all the ways I tried to forget All the days that I’ve wasted lyin’ in my bed If you knew that […]