Jinjer – Call Me A Symbol Lyrics

Call Me A Symbol Lyrics – Jinjer Look at me Don’t deny me Perfection does not exist That’s what they love to claim These are the words of a broken man Who’d give his life away For the least Would you take a look at me Surrender, can’t you see? Don’t fear to burn your eyes With how, how perfect […]

Jinjer – Colossus Lyrics

Colossus Lyrics – Jinjer Am I the colossus Right before his fall Stripped of all my forces Losing the control? Am I the colossus Or just acting the same role? Oh, how much longer Will they keep on stabbing me? The hate mongers Rose above and made their plea Show your faces! Let me see the grimaces! Vile betrayers Self […]

Jinjer – Pearls And Swine Lyrics

Pearls And Swine Lyrics – Jinjer Casting pearls before swine Many tried, many died Swine are unable to apprehend Burstings of a human heart There is no teacher in this world Who would dare to teach a piglet How one can smartly use a word To express its feelings Casting pearls before swine Is such a thankless job Swine are […]

Jinjer – Sleep Of The Righteous Lyrics

Sleep Of The Righteous Lyrics – Jinjer The rush of fear to even sleep With just a thread of hope I have What if I simply let it in Or clench my jaws and take the blow? As I lay I slowly fade away Into a place of inevitability And why is it happening to me? I’m full of life […]

Jinjer – Dead Hands Feel No Pain Lyrics

Dead Hands Feel No Pain Lyrics – Jinjer Happy morning I woke up to a crow’s song They are croaking To abusive music Happy mourning I woke up to all my problems solved And dissolved In a swamp of the past years So I learnt to transform This sweetest lethargy Gripping onto The reality of Facing a thousand As they […]