Sad13 – Oops…! lyrics
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Sad13 – Oops…! lyrics

Sad13 – Oops…! lyrics Lucky for me, I’m spentCan’t overdraw a kick to the headYou may have a case, you sure know itJust let me be one-hit-wondrous and fight no more foreverBlood red suits me better when it’s bandaged up What a dream when you float out of sight, dragging the haze that cloaks the morning to normalize the nightWhat […]

Joshua Aaron – Cover the Sea lyrics
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Joshua Aaron – Cover the Sea lyrics

Joshua Aaron – Cover the Sea lyrics Put your hand in mine, togetherWe will walk in harmonyLet me introduce you to my TeacherThe Rabbi from the Galilee Let His word cover you and meLike the waters cover the seaLet His love cover you and meLike the waters cover the sea Love the ones who wish you evilForgive them in the […]

Cut Copy - Like Breaking Glass lyrics
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Cut Copy – Like Breaking Glass lyrics

Cut Copy – Like Breaking Glass lyrics When the world comes downAnd breaks in twoI could dance in the silenceAnd think of youBut love can be coldOur love is cruelWith the light there is darknessThat runs right through Every heart beats nowIt beats like the sound of breaking glassEvery violent breathHurts, so I know I’m still in love A heartbreaking […]

Sofi de la Torre - Mentiendes lyrics
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Sofi de la Torre – Mentiendes lyrics

Sofi de la Torre – Mentiendes lyrics MmmIce, ice, yo Traigo un flow descomunal, ¿me entiende’?Por los míos soy criminal, ¿me entiende’?El dembow te va a tumbar, ¿me entiende’?Cuando entro en el local se prende, ¿me entiende’?¿Me entiende’?Tú y yo no somo’ igual, ¿me entiende’?A mi llámame mamá, ¿me entiende’?Que se escuche hasta atrá’, mi gente¿Me entiende’? Mmm, LaFerrari (Ah-ah), […]

dodie - Anything lyrics
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dodie – Anything lyrics

dodie – Anything lyrics I wonder what you’d sayIf I told you that I wait for youIn every passing dayWould you give it timeLike I give mineOh, if you didn’t stayI would wait anyway ‘Cause anything, anything for another run with youNo, I don’t understand why anything, anythingWould make it not be trueOh, I would do anything to be with […]

IAMDDB - End Of The World lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

IAMDDB – End Of The World lyrics

IAMDDB – End Of The World lyrics YeahDDB, yeahDDB, yeahOh, oh-oh, oh Stop what you’re doing right there little bitchThis ain’t yo mans, don’t fuck with my shitDont play ’bout mines, can’t replace what I giveI don’t want no friends, I don’t wanna call it quitsQuarantine with a foreign tin bitch, we be litDon’t make time for no hoes ’cause […]

beabadoobee - Sorry lyrics
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beabadoobee – Sorry lyrics

beabadoobee – Sorry lyricsYeah Said I had to see youBut I don’t and I won’tAnd I won’tTo think I was just like youAll alone, skin to boneSkin to bone And it hurts meThat you could be the one that deserved this, even moreBut you stayed in the same dark place that I adoreBut you stayed for moreI guess that’s what […]

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KELECHI AFRICANA — ON MY WAY lyrics See I don’t know why you fell for meAll I know is that you love meI know how we startedAll I don’t know is how you stick around me Baby we ni fire aaahKukupenda we sita retireWala sioni hayaCoz I love you Nikikosa baby niombe mungu ni pateIwe biringanya ama mkateAnything you want […]

Tina & NG Bling – Nada lyrics
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Tina & NG Bling – Nada lyrics

Tina & NG Bling – Nada lyrics Bonjour la grande Bonjour Pardon je veux que tu m’aides un peu là Je sais souvent je te gaze Mais je suis ton petit, ne sors pas l’étiquette là On te dit la petite de la boite Celle que j’avais draguée a ton anniversaire Même pas six mois je la dame Hier elle […]

SG Lewis, Robyn & Channel Tres – Impact lyrics
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SG Lewis, Robyn & Channel Tres – Impact lyrics

SG Lewis, Robyn & Channel Tres – Impact lyrics [Robyn & Channel Tres]Oh, ooh-ooh, I’m gone, yeah (I’m gone, yeah, I’m gone, yeah, I’m gone, yeah)Ah, shit, uh, ooh, oh, yeah [Channel Tres]I felt your impact (Impact, yeah)Eyes closed while I ride the wave (The wave)You love it (Uh)I’m in the haze (Haze)Thirty thousand feet, no sleepI’ve been trapping for […]

Priscilla Block – Just About Over You lyrics
Country Music

Priscilla Block – Just About Over You lyrics

Priscilla Block – Just About Over You lyrics I stopped looking for your truckEvery time I go somewhereI don’t scroll through the past anymore ’cause I don’t careI’m finally putting on the shirt I likeTight jeans, big hoops with my hair up highThe least you could’ve done was give me the bar tonight Why’d you have to come back in […]

Unlike Pluto – Morphine lyrics
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Unlike Pluto – Morphine lyrics

Unlike Pluto – Morphine lyrics I, I still feel the pain on morphine, yeahI, feel my bones break under me, yeahI, I’m still waiting on some relief, yeahI, I still feel the pain on morphine, yeah I fill a cup with my wasted dreamsIt’s numbing meAnd if I press a fantasyInto a pill it seems-All my problems go awayNot for […]

Carnage & Elderbrook – Together lyrics

Carnage & Elderbrook – Together lyrics

Carnage & Elderbrook – Together lyrics(ft. The Martinez Brothers & Mike Dean) [Elderbrook]We learned, desolate and devastateHeaven knows how many daysUnless somethings in my endingWe go, back and forth and never stayGuess we fought the fun and games, again, again [Elderbrook]Where will we see?Where will we see?Where will we see?Each other again?Each other again?Alone… togetherAlone… togetherAlone… together (Breakdown)Uno… two… trece… […]

Jamila Woods – SULA (Paperback) lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Jamila Woods – SULA (Paperback) lyrics

Jamila Woods – SULA (Paperback) lyrics Down here in the bottom, there ain’t no room for meI don’t wanna make no babiesI don’t need a man to save meSecondhand loneliness pass on over meYeah, I might wanna make some babiesRunnin’ outta time for waitingFreedom and triumph, they weren’t meant for meGirls of my color, find somethin’ else to be I’m […]

Conway the Machine – Lemon lyrics
Hip-Hop / R&B

Conway the Machine – Lemon lyrics

Conway the Machine – Lemon lyrics(ft. Method Man) [Conway the Machine]Yeah, uhGriseldaBrr, brr, uh [Conway the Machine]Look, play my position, in the kitchen, I’m workin’Whip it, baggin’ half in fifties, hit the strip and I serve it (Uh huh)If it’s an issue, trust, I’m comin’ to get with you in person (I’m pullin’ up, nigga)With the extendo, throwin’ at you […]

My Kid Brother (VA) – Good News lyrics
Rock Music

My Kid Brother (VA) – Good News lyrics

My Kid Brother (VA) – Good News lyrics Here inside my room ain’t shit to doBut spend some time and make my tunesAnd if you care to hear it youAre more than free to get to cutting it loose It turns out that there ain’t no useIn being cold and burnt outTruly I would tell you the good newsSo sit […]