It happened in an instant
Like it was waiting all my life
If ur looking back and u just see cracks
Yeah that’s not right

Maybe we’re broken people
Moving on twisted paths
If u don’t like it
Then why don’t u go crazy

U can roll down your windows
And let it all go
Cause I know

In this eccentric paradise
I hope your conscience will suffice
They trade illusions for their eyes
As they take drugs like it’s advice

It’s 7 in the morning
Every damn time u call
Baby don’t look back
Cause I’ll never look back
For u at all

She’s tearing out the pages
I can feel it in my spine
Now I believe them
When they said I was

Crazy about u girl
I wanna join ur circus
I’m like an animal when I’m with u
Sometimes we might get hurt
But that’s the game and we deserve it

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