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Lil Cumtism – Beat my wife Lyrics

Lil Cumtism – Beat my wife Lyrics

If she don’t do the laundry Imma beat my wife
If she don’t buy me a pack of beer Imma beat my wife
If she don’t cook no dinner Imma beat my wife
Girl, get back in the kitchen
I don’t want your attention
If you don’t fix me no cornbread you’re gonna end up dead
My wife is my third cousin, it don’t really count
Go to the chicken coop, got me a dozen
I get mad in winter cause my crops get frozen
Put on my boots, start the tractor
Blasting shells out my 12 gauge while I’m blasting splooge on my cousin’s face
She thought it was cocktail, nah, it was laced
She was 16 now Imma catch a case
Don’t touch my truck unless you’re a cousin tryna suck (my dick) (skewwww) (yee yee)

Skewwww brother
By god

Beating my wife she looks like my cousin
Drink a beer while my chickens hatch a dozen
Slap my wife cause she’s not my cousin
Smoke a cig, then I hit a lick
Fuck my dog, it licks my dick
I don’t like my wife, I like to beat her
She talks back, then I hit her with a heater
My wife real skinny, I don’t like to feed her
She says we need a new car, Bitch take the beater
I said four doors for more whores, this ain’t no two-seater
Bitch hit my balls so hard I thought she was Derek Jeter
I only dip wintergreen, don’t get me nothing else
I like to beat my wife with my country boy belt

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