Séan Barna – Disco Nap Lyrics

Séan Barna – Disco Nap Lyrics

Come with me
We’ll walk ourselves down Jane Street
Last night was a bitch
That guy
He just wouldn’t leave
So I finally told him
I finally told him
If you’re at Macri Park then
You found the scene

I came here for the music
But I’m not enough
With all these bars and hospitals
Can’t keep my head up
So I take a little disco nap
I take a little disco nap
You pulled the King of Hearts when you just wanted a queen
I gave you an audience
What’s in it for me?

And baby i could use a pack of cigarettes
I’ve been going hard but I still have some left
And I will always be a daddy’s little girl
I will always hide my bruises with my best pearls

Come a little closer
Come a little closer
Tell me that you noticed
Come a little closer

I like it when you’re dancing
So just come a little closer
Now do it with some feeling
I’m looking cause you showed me

She ran out from the bathroom then ran into the street
Thank you for the audience, now, baby, let’s leave