Séan Barna – Benjamin Whishaw Smiled Lyrics

Séan Barna – Benjamin Whishaw Smiled Lyrics

Walking down West 4th Street
By Jones Street, the kink store, and Dylan’s flat

That’s where he lived when he wrote Freewheelin’
That’s where he told us, “I Shall Be Free”
Suze made the picture
But the picture made Suze mad

Just then I noticed the Gaslight was boarded
Not here for the music, I was chosen for the serving

That’s when I saw him and my happiness was hoarded
Hamlet is sitting there because he can afford it
Smiling through the window
But the window was like a fortress

I looked away and I said, “Nice to see you again.”
Last time we met I blacked out with him
It’s all in my head, but I know what I saw
The smile of Benjamin Whishaw

He smiled and he said, “Nice to see you again.”
Let’s share this one cigarette and go in
I never found love when I lived in London
But I saw you walking by and you might be him

I wrote about the government, I wrote about the bars
I wrote about the poppers and of talking in my car

But he appeared in those movies, so beautiful and used
Louis, I am anxious, does he even like my music?

Does he care that I’ve been drinking?
Does he care that I am high?
Does it matter I’m hungover?
Or my skin is looking dry?
Does he care about the scar I have that nearly took my life?
I guess he took my shirt off, so he probably doesn’t mind

Be gentle when you see me, keep coming when I call
Keep breathing on my shoulder, and keep caring when I fall