Caroline Rose – Tell Me What You Want Lyrics

Caroline Rose – Tell Me What You Want Lyrics

I’ve got something to say
Babe, you got to take it or leave it
It’s not your fault
It’s just the way you are

Right now tell me what is wrong
‘Cuz I’m no longer having fun
Oh fuck it all, I’m done
Life goes on

I just gotta take a beat
Get some fresh air in my lungs
I just gotta do my thing
And shake it off

If only it were that easy
A flick of the wrist
A turn of the page
To let you go
My god, you make such a hot brick wall

So instead I’m beating my head
Against the dashboard of your compact car
Just tell me what you want

Testing testing
Is this thing on?
Boy, you’re gonna hate this song
Tell me what you want

I’m an actor ‘cuz I’m scared
And I’m fully unprepared for this
Are you trying
Trying to kill me?
I’ll block out all the signs
Let’s give this one more try
I just can’t bear to lose you

I am just pretending not to lose my mind

So what do we do now?
If there’s nothing left to say?
Do we shake hands?
Do we embrace?
Do we just walk away?

I’m becoming someone else

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