BLOWSOM – Love! love! love! Lyrics

BLOWSOM – Love! love! love! Lyrics

lay down on the road
midnight, no one knows
stargazing in the cold

i don’t know what to say or to think
i’m just awkwardly stuttering round you
and every love song you’re writing
i’m secretly hoping is bout me

yeah, we didn’t talk in a while
now we’re 2 feet apart sleeping tightly
guess we’re both stars chasing highs
but next to you i’m shining less brightly

we both know
we’re in love
but it’s easier not to get along
so we keep our mouths shut

maybe one
day we’re bored
of us playing unattainable
and we let our lips touch

and all i really wanna do is love
all i wanna do is lo-lo-lo-love
all i really wanna do is love you

at least you find the words to say
whatever i shouldn’t do
i do it anyway
i tell you how i spend my day
but there’s so much more
i would love to explain

and all of the times that i lied
in my bed and i stared at the ceiling
didn’t know what to feel
i’m patiently dreaming
bout breaking this ceiling
and make it to you

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