Pouya – Cum Rag Lyrics

Pouya – Cum Rag Lyrics

I wasted my youth in my bedroom alone
Scared to live, am I ready to die? Relieve me of my phone
World is sinking deeper, never been so eager to meet my maker
Bitch, throw me away
Bitch, I’m hollow
Neck-deep in a bottle
People struggle, do anything for a dollar
1992 Chevy Impala swingig’ through the block
Got a bag of blues tucked in my socks

Florida boy came out of the mud
I am the hurricane
I am the flood
To wash away everything that you might love
Where is the bud? Put that smoke in my lungs
I’m numb
Needle in my vein take the pain away
Fade away, feeling like Kobe at game day
I am the roaches that hide in your walls
I am the Boogeyman under the bed
When I creep and I crawl with that heater
I am the silhouette of the crypt keeper

Glock hot like it has a fever, Baby Bone, bitch
I don’t give a fuck about you either

Cancel cultures vultures on my dick
Another day, another feminist
Telling me I’m a scumbag
Cum rag, (cum rag)
Fuck boy
Just a disturbance

When will I wake up and feel like I’m enough?
I’m soul searching, dick-deep in a bourbon
Open up the curtains, can you see past the surface?
I’m looking around and I can see the world hurting
When will I wake up and feel like I’m not mush?
I can smell my brain rot through the kush
Took a tab of acid, turned into an octopus
Middle finger to the media like ’04 George Bush

Cum rag, cum rag
Cum rag, cum rag
Cum rag, cum rag
Cum rag

Face to face with the reaper
I’m wide awake I taste the pain
Blood rushing through my veins
Panic episodes unfold
So many stories untold
You never know who got it out for you
This world is so cold

Your worth is only measured on success
Fame, drugs, and sex, intellect is irrelevant
Getting high off the medicine
The government endorsed

Riding on the back of high horses

Going off course, of course, I’m forced to show my hand
That bleeds just plant the seed inside of me

I know so many kids in need
I hope to be the voice
For those who lack the company

Set me free
Let me be
Who I am

I’m sick of feeling like nobody understands

Undermine my mind now my ego is dead

Separate my soul
From my body and head

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