Kaash Paige – You See It Lyrics

Kaash Paige – You See It Lyrics

Haha, ha
It’s like my um, my mind, it’s like a rear

I know you see it, I know you see it
I know you see it, you, you

Uh, tryna catch a vibe (Vibe)
I’m up in this party, will I make it out alive?
Red cup sippin’ with my friends
Yeah, we just straight tippin’, oh-oh
Fourty-fours on them .44’s
In a four-door, take my photo
Am I high, yeah? (High, yeah)
Am I nice, yeah? (Nice, yeah)
Is my drip too bright?
Is it tight, yeah?
Ayy, I’m just talkin’ right now ’cause I’m throwed, I’m delirious
And, ayy, baby, please, don’t ever take me serious, yeah
Please, don’t take me serious, serious (Serious)
Every day, it’s a fuckin’ movie
It’s gettin’ scary, yeah, it’s gettin’ spooky
And we do it to the fuckin’ face
I’ma take this night to the grave

I know you see it, I know you see it
I know you see it, you, you
I know you see it, I know you see it
I-I, I-I, I-I
I, I, I

Know this song don’t got substance
Drinkin’ Casa’ with the migos, with the fuck shit
With my homies, we shootin’ free throws at the function
Bring your friends, we turn nothin’ into somethin’
When I’m drunk (I’m drunk), you know I’m drunk (I’m drunk)
We just turnin’ up (Turnin’ up), we just havin’ fun (Havin’ fun)
At the beach with a cooler full of bottles
With some freaks and you know them bitches models
This shit feel like summer ’16
With my head out the window, screamin’, “Fuck ’em ’cause I love ’em”, yeah, this shit feel like a dream
And you know what time it is
In that drop top, I’m makin’ out with you bitch
She got that crop top, it’s on and she lookin’ lit
And it’s that real cash money, them others counterfeit
Them others counterfeit