Kaash Paige – My Luv Freestyle Lyrics

Kaash Paige – My Luv Freestyle Lyrics

You hate when I go missing
You hate we ain’t cool no more
There’s some distance
You hate
You hate
You hate me
Hate me
Hate me (ohhhh)

Can you feel the waves
Can you feel my body
Feel my pain
Can you ease my mind
I’ll make it rain
I got 20s 50s 100s
I got bank (bank)
To spend on you

We can’t move to slow
Bae I got to go
Where you got to go
It’s me time on my own

My luv
My luv

Guess it’s a scary thing
You can’t find me
Difference between me and you
You just try me
Scary hours
I got to move different
No marriage shawty
Told you I’m too pimpin’
Like Bun B and Pimp C I’m uptown
Got your face all screwed up
You need to slow it down


Are you around
Are you in town
Call up your friends and bring ’em round (Ooh)

Feelings on too strong
I got to miss it baby
Messages too long
We got to fix it baby
I can’t rush to get back home
You know you so crazy
And I’m way too addicted to money to take off some days

I be trying to change my love
My luv, my luv, I swear
My luv, my luv, my luv

(Oooh) I’m faded, I’m faded