Quadeca – house settling Lyrics

Quadeca – house settling Lyrics

First things first, can we get shit straight?
I’ve been alone since you left me in your wake
I’ve been alone to reflect on my mistakes
I’ve been alone since when
When you offered me your forgiveness
I was begging you not to breathe in
Tried to yell at you from a distance
Could you tell when you let me seep in?
Put my feet on the floor
Over each, every board
Heard a creak, turning weak
Turn the heat up some more
It was spreading, you said it was house settling
It’s nothing, nothing, a howl in the wind
Rationalize me away if it helps
Home sweet home, I can’t stay nowhere else
I cuddled up in the vase on the shelf
Ashes, ashes, a place to myself
Anything, give me anything
Can’t let you be, house settling
Cracks in the wall, frames that hide it all
Dents in the rug, aging cytosol
Breathe in the air, laced with my withdrawals
Taken by a god, breaking my alarms

Dead to me
Dead to me
Let you breathe
House settling

Lock out the pity, you been dizzy, you been tired
You been busy, keep yourself busy, let the paint dry
I feel guilty, I feel guilty, I can’t say why
Words you see through the CO
Breaks my heart, but I’ll give it a try

Dead to me (What else am I supposed to do?)
Dead to me (Didn’t want to cause pain to you)
Let you breathe (Just make my presence known)
House settling (Until it’s set in stone)

No you can’t see me, but when you smell me
We going off on a deep sleep
When you didn’t help me, no, you won’t fail me
Think we going down six feet
Creep, creep through the crack in the walls
Was never there when you call
Now you trapped in that fog
Now you’re trapped in that fog
Ain’t tryna gas you out, but right now, that’s what happening
No capping
Fresh out the stove, it’s all over
Now it’s closed caskets
You dead to me, so rest in peace
When you run into a nigga like me, make it real hard to breathe
Now you’re stuck and can’t leave
Can’t touch me or feel me, but when you’re near me
Fill up your chest and your eyes get teary
Say your peace, say no more grief
It’s over now, your soul will sleep
No more pain, don’t hurt no more
Lost everything you’re working for
But life goes on, just not with you
Life goes on, just not with you
I’m the air you breathe, now get away from me
Kill everything, no place for me
Said no one’s safe when I touch your face
I’ma leave it cold, just how it go
You dead to me, just go to sleep
You’re dead to me, say “R.I.P.”
You’re dead to me, just go to sleep
You’re dead to me, say “R.I.P.”

Can’t let you be
House settling