Quadeca – cassini’s division Lyrics

Quadeca – cassini’s division Lyrics

You came out of the room and you were crying in a way that nobody could hear
I stopped kicking and screaming when you turned the lights on
You woke me up
I felt naked, I felt exposed
I felt like for the first time, I was intruding on something
You woke me up

Filtered out grain
Filtered out static
Filtered out, me
And I’m so proud of you
That presence that I’ve tried so hard to make known
It was there
Regardless of whether or not I was
And you were showing me that
I wasn’t blinded by the light
But by everything else
Let me go
Let me go and don’t let go of me
Let me, let me go
And don’t let go of me
And I’ll do the same

I’ve been trying to move past the crackles and dust scratches
But that’s what I am
You know?
An accidental side effect of a blank canvas

Think about that glowing dust that destroys the night sky’s dream of just being nothing
Beautiful but born to be in the way
That’s why all we want is peace
All we want is to stop thinking
All we want is this enlightened silence
It’s in our code
That’s why it’s all so ironic
Maybe that’s the punchline?
The void…
Weighs on me
Only because I push away from it
It wavers with the light that follows me like a curious moon

The static that floods every room
Stacks on top of itself until blocks out the picture
Maybe that’s the perfect void that’s begging me to join it
Begging me to let you go, without letting go of you
So I can make that void just a little bit brighter
For when you see it
Until next time