Jeezy – Put The Minks Down Lyrics

Jeezy – Put The Minks Down Lyrics

Tell them to put the minks down on the floor
So we can walk in here like kings
Big steppas only
Yo, what up though?
Sno man holla at me

Put the minks down
No, for real summertime all the freaks out
Nottingham still slapping off of 3/5s
Young nigga probably beat the feds 3 times
And I kept it solid, nigga, each time
I’m 10 out of 10 still trying to free mines
This ain’t a regular Benz, it’s a S6
Get money, fuck hoes, and stretch shit
Y’all ain’t even see my best yet
I got now, fuck the next nigga
I ain’t even gotta check niggas
One thing for certain, a nigga play with me, he die in a hurry
50k a piece, bro fighting a murder and they retired my jersey, but I still get off the bench
Glock teal with a switch, still hitting licks
Everybody calling Dugg da nigga
Big homie but the littlest nigga

Living legend in the flesh
Had a million dollars back when I was wearing Guess
250 three times, guess I had a Nina left
Hundred in the dope panel, got it leaning the left
Pyrex glass handle, yeah, shout out to my chef
Kitchen fork, warm water, yeah, shout out to myself
Send it on a paper towel, but I’ma need some plastic
Weight these flip those, yeah, we doing gymnastics, on me
Count a million with my eyes close
And I can whip a whole one with a blindfold
And I can, get it to ya nigga next day, air
Where ya at nigga, next day, there
Black tape nigga grey tape, seal
Street razor with the V cut, peel
God bless ya, here’s a scorpion stamp
Young Virgil Yea the off white, champ

If somebody woulda told me two decades ago
That that music we was makin’ in the 44
Will be ringing off in front of 25 thousand
Night after night, all cell phone lights up
Word for word like a religion
I woulda told ’em you though different?

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