bill wurtz – where i’ve been Lyrics

bill wurtz - where i've been Lyrics

bill wurtz – where i’ve been Lyrics

Artist: bill wurtz
Album: where i’ve been (single)
Release Date: September 13, 2022

Where I’ve been I don’t ever remember
Where I’m from I don’t know
Where I’m going seems a little different
Than where I’ve been before

Where I’ve been I haven’t even been yet
Where I was, I’m gone
Turn me up, and then back down again
Then leave me on the floor

Let me tell you a story
It turns out good
Day by day things get pretty good, yup

You know that I’m serious
You know I don’t lie
The story turns out fine

So pave the way
All the way from yesterday
Into another day

Nevermind, we’ll do this another time
So you can say goodbye

I know what you mean
And I think I’ve seen it

What I’ve done I don’t even remember
What I do, I don’t
If I could, I wouldn’t know when to
When I will, I won’t

Let me tell you a fable
Let me explain it
Let me go crazy
Let me wander away from it
I don’t have any skills

Let’s put it together
Let’s disassemble it
Then reassemble it
Back to 100%

So pave the way
It’s already been paved today
You don’t have to pave it again

Nevermind, we’ll just do it some other time
So say goodbye
Goodbye forest, goodbye trees
Goodbye plant, goodbye leaves
Goodbye flowers and beauty

Goodbye horses, Goodbye bugs
Goodbye challenges, goodbye love
Fell in love once, fell in love hundreds of times

Each one of those times
Each one of those times was a good time
Each one of those good times was an even better time
I’m having a great time
Where I was, I just found out that I wasn’t
Do you ever think about going back?

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