Imhavingabadday. – High Forever Lyrics

Imhavingabadday. – High Forever Lyrics

It’s geting cold, tonight
Wishing upon to the star, get it right
I need someone in my life
Then I found you
Then I found you

When I first saw ya
With that broken heart
Take her to my car
Things have gone too far
Wipe the tears from your eyes
Be the one by your side
The one who never makes you cry

Can we be high forever?
(we can get high forever)
Holding me close tonight
(It’s makes a life together)
Let us get lost together
How could I be here, without you
Without you
Without you

Wake in the morning and get high
And now the sun is shining, it makes me so alive
Oh Baby please, please don’t go too far
Distance from you can make me cry

Cus I need you
Now I’m high
When I see you
Makes me cry
Please don’t leave
For a while
Cuz I don’t want to be alone tonight