Slowly Slowly – Longshot Lyrics

Slowly Slowly – Longshot Lyrics

It’s always on time, bloodshot eyes
another shock collar call in the dead of the night
we like drinks on 5 with that zombie vibe
another steam rolled life with a smile online

you gotta stay real cute, stay in view
another lighting strike in the dead of the night
we like bottled up lies, bedroom eyes
another train wreck sight you’re just my type

let’s make a deal to sleep forever we’ll just flip the world round
our dreams can be reality while we just shut the rest out

It’s a longshot
Hey, but what can you do?
I need a way out
Guess that I’m banking on you
It’s a longshot
But it’s all I got

I tell you I’m fine, but fuck my life
I got that dead eyed shine down-pat right?
Keep chasing lights, saturday night
Another nightcap fine, one more line

if you’re banking on a longshot then we’re on the same page
let’s change planets, let’s change bodies, I think I want a new name

It’s like anyone could take the place here for me
if anyone has noticed, they’ll forget next week