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Moon Devoured – Nyctian Lyrics

Moon Devoured – Nyctian Lyrics

Feel the moon

She learned to die every night
reborn through moonlight
well now is her fucking time

The brilliance she shone
was hardly her own;
she was as much a seizer
as she was a provider
and now we shall become her throne
in meat, marrow, and bone

Her impulse is to pity such fools
who couldn’t grasp the blessing
that came in the disguise of darkness.
But her instinct knows no mercy;
she was bred of Chaos,
born from a Petri dish of abysses.
Her very nature ruthless,
her beauty plucked from chasms
colorless and lightless.
Shapeless and…ravenous


In her argent hands
cradled the fate of billions
inherently fucking weak
shall make one hell of a feast

Reclaim the sky
with your craterous sign
a perpetual night
scarred only by moonlight

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