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Sik World – Grateful Lyrics

Lyrics Sik World – Grateful

Man I just feel like
I feel hella grateful
I just feel good
I feel like I deserve it, you know?

I’m living my dream, I won’t wake up (Wake up)
Someone tell me what am I afraid of (Afraid of)
All the people that I love flipped and changed up
Life hit me hard but I never gave up
I’m in my brand new crib feeling major
Girls slide in my DMs, I don’t save ’em
Girl slide in my DMs, tryna lay up
Girl slide in my DMs, since I came up
And in the mirror I see me
Busy working every night, I probably need sleep
Heading in the waters, I am already knee deep
Action over thought, I’ma keep going till I’m beneath
I let my intuition guide me
So how can they deny me
Never settle at levels I’ve reached
Tapped in to the voice inside me
It doesn’t surprise me
My ex is freak, she sends pics to remind me
Tempting, but I leave her behind me
Maybe we can re-kindle in timing
Until then I’m working and I’m rising, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Yeah, bottles gone fade away
Times I’d stay awake
Praying that I would change

But i’m back to the old me
Cuz I ain’t dealing your shit right now (Nah)
Nah the nice guy went and left
This the real me girl I don’t think we met
Hell yeah I get down, talking triple X
I’m feeling better then ever
Every city that I fly to’s a business endeavor
Spent the night with her in the morning I’ma forget her
Even when i’m feeling tired I still gotta get up, ’cause
I got family depending on me
So I gotta do what i gotta do
I’m locked in the stu, until I improve
Two L’s flipped around makes a W
Yo honestly who the hell are you?
Tryna tell me who I am or what I can do
Winning streak so clean, I could never lose
So many girls on me, I could never choose
I’ma give you something to believe in
Going hard like rookie season
I’ma ease in, take what I’m needing
Everly forever eating, for life no lie
Real shit, dividends coming in woah
No reason, to not be grateful
Look how far we came tho
Man i’m feeling so thankful

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