KRISIUN – War Blood Hammer Lyrics

Lyrics KRISIUN – War Blood Hammer

Ascension of the rebellious
Incite the fury of the ruthless horde
Reveal the ways to the battle lore
Death before dishonor
Call for the mass of the Demon of Mars

Primal weaponry inception
Warmongers of execution
Lead thy disciples into confliction
Blades forged as sharp for the kill
Temper the assassin’s hardened steel

Cast the tempest of the armed revolt
Walk over the thorns of the odds
Never back down, move only forth
Thrust thy spear into thy enemies’ flesh
Honor thy army prepare for the clash

Nomad anger troops ride
Into the dead of the night
Trespass the forbidden line
Stallions of war march
The hammer of vindication will smash

Lawless, furious incursion
Prime demolition, taken by the force
Shattering, the bounds of the frontiers, under siege
Expulsed divinity, insurrection of victory

Insurgence, of the colossal, raids of invasion
Of the promised land, unholy but sacred territory
Under violence untamed
Insurrection of the damned
Civilization’s havoc and butchery
Reduced to the ruins of mass mortalities

Lay the hammer of the brutal jury
Domination of punishment’s fury
Trespass the forbidden frontier

Pervade the steppe, horses march and bleed
Ravishing fields drink the blood
Spilled in the vicious heat of the kill

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