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LORNA SHORE – Into The Earth Lyrics

LORNA SHORE – Into The Earth Lyrics

Sensation leaves as I’m drifting slowly
Illusions torn from my splintered veins
Reality shifts like pages turning in the wind
I’ll become the sun
I’ll become a god
I’ll become the dreamer
Dreaming, frozen, in my anxious mind
Feeling slowly fades into plasticity
Is this the end or just the beginning
Lucidity or nightmare unfolding

My heart – my soul
My body has grown so cold
Converge – I crash into the Earth

Lost in the scape terrified
Break me free from this nightmare
Stifled by realms uncertain
I can’t escape
Let me go, I’m fucking horrified
Now all my fears are personified

Numbed to the call of a broken idol
Descent of the mind, losing touch

Hallucinations of familiar sensations envelope me
in inebriation
The continuation of a world with no reins bound
for destruction
Within this fevered dream
I will have forgotten

Releasing me
Vivify this world falls in my descent
Realizing this world is but projection of my mind

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