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Logic – Nardwuar Lyrics

Logic – Nardwuar Lyrics

Hi, Logic
It’s Nardwuar The Human Serviette
From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, sayin’
Please keep on samplin’ in the free world
And doot-dooda-loo-doo
Nardwuar from Vancouver, British-

Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Turn me up)
Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Yeah, turn the whole shit up)
Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Yeah, loud as fuck)
Bri-, and (You gonna have to probably extend it)
Bri-Bri-Bri-Bri (‘Cause I’ma go off on this mix, ready?)
Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Outer space gang, bitch)
Bri-Bri-Bri-British (Check, that’s it, bitch)
And please keep on samplin’-

What’s the difference between you and me?
Came from nothin’, now I’m rockin’ Louis V
Suck my dick, it’s Doc D
Logic hit me to appear on this final Def Jam CD
I’m the greatest rapper in the multiverse
That’s why I got a million multis and a verse
Outer space gang, JT, Vorgon and Gordax
Y’all don’t want the smoke, bitch, I got more gas
Then I rip your back through your thorax, fuck Sharon
Connected on the block like Bluetooth pairin’
Steady on my grind, peep the bearings
Not a single one of you motherfuckers is comin’ close
I’ve been workin’ on that Planetory Destruction, numero dos
I’m out this bitch, watch me coast