Father – What won’t he do? Lyrics

Father - What won't he do Lyrics

Father – What won’t he do? Lyrics

Pedal to the metal, I’m pale off-a pills while bro’s is poppa pedals
Precinct know I pedal, can’t figure out my schedule there’s no schedule
I’m on schedule though, I’ll shoot a nigga over these shekels, ho
Fuckin’ freckle hoes, iron on me, I heavy metal-toe
I been geeking ghettos, freak ghetto hoes go back to white pickets
I got shit to do, fuck you, nigga, I can’t kick it
I got Medellín anti-depressants it get me very mean
Neck gleam, wrist gleam, whisk’ he splashed with some grenadine
“Father, this is too much dope” Nigga, you got plenty veins
I done put ten toes on slow souls sold for my own gains
Everybody I got off is another diamond in my chain
Crack up in my fuckin’ coffin, you gon’ find some diamond fangs
Crack up in my fuckin’ crib, you gon’ find your fuckin bitch
Gettin’ skull fucked still, RIP, rip rip
Awful Records, street shit of records, hit the pavement, dip dip
Bitch, split them lips, let me slide my card down it like “Tip Drill”

My bitch think I’m despicable, lickable, unfuckwittable
What will he do?
What won’t he do?
These niggas think I’m killable, really dude? I get silly too
Mad at me ’cause they ain’t feeling you, pussy
Niggas out here pussy as hell, wet as hell
Here we go again, ayy

Had to stop hangin’ ’round some of my niggas, they was movin’ too hot
Threw a pole, slapped Maria across that table at the five spot
Shawty from Young Hot, come from sucking on her Five pops
Real whack jobs hang around niggas that’ll get you whacked off
Mask on, nigga
Fuck it, mask off
Take the mask off these niggas turn to lap dogs
Take my mask off, I turn into an asshole
Take the pool stick and put it in your pussy-hole
You niggas step in the name of love, my niggas step in the name of drugs
I done cried tears, I done cried money
Now you gon’ cry blood
Mo’ funds, mo’ problems
Mo’ guns, mo’ violence
I love the sound of sirens, it help me sleep at night ’cause I can’t stand the silence

My thoughts been getting away from me
My people, they got away from me
Fuck ’em, get away from me
It’s best you get away from me, yes

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