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eli. – the worst in me Lyrics

eli. – the worst in me Lyrics

Pain is necessary, it’s the path of where you’ve been
Staring down the barrel, trying to make some fckin sense
No one wants to suffer just for nothing, what a waste
Life’s so god dmn sick, it wants to put you in your place

Staring at the sky, can you feel it happening?
You are growing up, I just stay imagining
Who I’m gonna be when I am 23
Lookin’ in the mirror and that’s what I see

I just moved back home, I had nowhere to go
Yeah life was pretty shtty down there on my own
Life was pretty shitty down in tennessee
Lookin’ in the mirror, I hate what I see

Cause we are shaped by the people that we hate
They live on in the wrinkles on your face
We choose who we get to be
I’m tryna find the real me

Swear to god
She brought out the worst in me
I can’t believe I thought it was meant to be
You sucked out everything you could

People come and people go
Cheaters cheat and hoes will hoe
Everything you do will teach you stuff you need to know

Looking back on life, who the fck am I?
Question everything, do this every night
Try not to regret who you were, where you been
It’s all part of the plan

I moved out to indy and she moved in
Life was pretty good while it was happening
But she wasn’t my forever, just a lesson
When she cheated, now I see it’s just a blessing

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