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Prateek Kuhad – Bloom Lyrics

Prateek Kuhad – Bloom Lyrics

I know love when I see it bloom
I know feelings when I see them in a room
Yeah, they just need me and you
I keep waiting for you even when you tell me I’m a loon

 Don’t you see? Time and time, I fail
And lately, I’ve been talking to myself again

 A bit too much, but it isn’t fair
‘Cause I don’t have your eyes to stare into
I dare you to compare your embrace to anywhere
I still need you, I don’t care
Don’t you know? I’ve been on my own far too long
If you’re on your way, I’ll stick around

 I couldn’t sleep and now I can
I still need to feel your touch and hold your hands
Yeah, I want you all around me
I keep it in, but I write it down

 Don’t you know I’ve been on my own far too long?
If you’re on your way I’ll stick around

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