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Alfie Templeman – Just Below The Above Lyrics

Alfie Templeman – Just Below The Above Lyrics

Just below
Say hello to your friend you once had
What’s above
We don’t know ’til we’re dug beneath the dirt

The answer lies above the skies
And down below
Will I go
I’ll never know

I don’t know if the sun feels blue
All I know, it keeps shining on you
Stay today and we’ll float away
After all these years we’re still okay

Do you ever wish that you could turn your life around?
Do you ever miss the times where you were safe and sound?
And it’s easy to see that this world ain’t for me

I found peace at last in my head
And now I’m strong
So long, so long, so long

Just above
The feeling of
There’s a place your friend’s at
They won’t call you up at all
‘Cause you’re not there