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Kevin George – HICCUP Lyrics

Kevin George – HICCUP Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Let’s go get it started, ain’t no hiccups (Ooh)
Leaning on the moon like I did what (Ooh)
Crashing outerspace smoking big blunts (Blunts, blunts, blunts!)
The Martian Rover showing big love (Yuh, yuh, yuh!)
Feel me, I’m a prince (Yeah!)
Feel me, I’m a king (Let’s go!)
Moving like I’m Mike (Yuh!)
I just need the 6 rings (Wait, wait, wait!)
I’m high as a kite (Yeah!)
I’m doing me, I’m doing my thing (Wait, wait, wait!)
Don’t be mad at me, she mad at ‘cause I bought chains (Yeah, yeah!)
Don’t be mad at me, you know we the brand new slaves (Let’s go!)
You know that we goin’ stunt and holler
Know that we goin’ flex our chains (Yeah, yeah!)
Yeah, I ain’t do no different ‘cause this brand new life insane (Insane!)
Tell my daddy I’m doing me, I’m giving my family brand new names (Names!)
‘Cause somethings gotta change
I got niggas in the trap who cannot quit, they still gotta bang
We got niggas serving time for stuff that’s legal now, today
We got niggas that’s overdosing, saw my nigga the other day (Wait!)

That shit is crazy!
Come on, let’s get it! (Aah!)

Leaning into mental exhaustion
I gotta find my way back home, I’m in Austin
The south by girls are buying into my world
The perfect thing for they anxiety is diamonds and pearls
KG you know you got anxiety, don’t fuck up the world
Where is Mitchell & Ness?
All this cap for these girls
You can’t buy no respect
You can’t pay ’em to leave
But you got different type of drama that you dodging for free

And she back looking for Phineas
And I’m back, look at what we really did
Keep it strapped, loaded up with many clips
Bitch I’m hot, bitch you know we really lit
Bitch you know we really lit
I’m outside the club with all my stocks and all my dividends
Goin’ crazy on this shit, I been the kid
No I’m not impressed, I’m just like Diddy is

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