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Stunna 4 Vegas – Going For Nun Lyrics

  • May 24, 2022

Stunna 4 Vegas – Going For Nun Lyrics

Nigga, you know what the fuck going on
(Vando, what it hit for?)
I’ll show you what it’s hitting for
It’s Big 4
Fuck nigga
Big one

Only the strong survive, this shit ain’t for the weak (Shit ain’t for—)
Bitch, we be going live, I’m talking televised, no MTV (Going live)
Damn, chopstick got Coronavirus, it’ll put a nigga six feet (Get out of here)
Get the lo’, we’ll be at they drop today before I beef with ’em on a beat (Fuck you, nigga)
Uh, we come clean yo’ street, we deliver the beef, no Uber Eats (Ha)
Jefe let that chop sang (Bah-bah-bah-bah), then I put that bitch on repeat (I put that bitch on repeat)
We hit lil’ bruh with that Drac’ thang, they ain’t do shit but go get a tee
Percocet tens, I’m on two or three
I ain’t no dork but I’m getting geeked (Geeked)
I’m really the G.O.A.T., these lil’ niggas sheeps (G.O.A.T.)
I get shit gone, these lil’ niggas cheap (Go)
Uh, my cream soda full of lean (Go), I might not get no sleep, I just popped a bean (Go)
Uh, we leave niggas on the scene (Go), cut my ho then I tell her don’t talk to me
Uh, I’m putting switches on my Glicks (Fft)
Way before rap, they would target me (Fft)
Yeah, but I ain’t going (Fft, no)
They say I can’t bring my fire up in they club (I ain’t going), I ain’t going
Let him reach for my shit, bet he see blood (Nigga, I’ma nail your bitch ass wherever, nigga, get up)

Nigga, I ain’t going
Nigga, nah, I ain’t going (I ain’t going for shit)
Nah, I ain’t going, uh (It’s 4, bitch)
Nah, I ain’t going
Nah, I ain’t going, nigga

I ain’t going for nothing (Nothing), Stunna 4 keep him a gun (Fah, fah)
Fuck the ‘Gram, we come get it in blood (Get it in blood)
We come tear up they block like a flood (Bah-bah-bah-bah)
You know I keep a strap like a stud
I bet I get him touched if he mug
I po’ mud ’cause I came out the mud (Mud)
My lil’ bro snuck the switch in the club (Fft)
Nigga, I can’t go for nothing, beat down yo’ block like we a band (Yo’ block like we a band)
We pop his top like soda can (Bah)
Bitch, take a glance, these diamonds dance
This shit burnt like avalanche (Bah)
We overkill, no ambulance (Come here)
Signed a deal, blew my advance
He got hit in his head, he ain’t have a chance
Huh, nigga, I’m on crunch time (Crunch time)
Switch spit quick like Busta Rhymes (Fft)
We bust his ass
Nigga, I ain’t beefing with no punchlines (Get out of there)
He tucked his tail when his homie died, but be wolfing like he on front line (Yeah)
Yeah, fuck nigga cut when he online (Yeah)
Taliban jump out the whip, go run down (Get him)
Uh, I whip out the stick like Lamar (Fft)
Uh, I whip the cat like a go-kart (Vroom)
Fuck the nat, I won’t buy her no Goyard
My lil’ nigga a snake, he’ll lay in yo’ front yard (Blatt)
Uh, I mix the Qua’ with the Wockhardt (Wock’, Wock’, Wock’)
Uh, I make her fuck like a pornstar
We used slide in a hotbox (Yeah), now we come jump out the foreign car (Get yo’ bitch ass down, nigga)
I ain’t going for nothing (Bah-bah), I ain’t going for nothing
I got fire everywhere, bitch, shit, I bet you’ll see, nigga
Fuck nigga play, he get hit
Lil’ folks let that choppa spit
4X paint the city red (Blatt, blatt)
We the only ones dropping shit (Hol’ on)
Nigga, I ain’t going for nothing
He got his partners zipped (4X)
That nigga ain’t blowing, he dropping songs but he ain’t dropping shit
Uh, know I keep my fire, so I’ma pop my shit
Sent a hundred shots when they tried to park my whip
I ain’t going for nothing, uh-huh
Going for shit (Uh-uh), uh-huh
Sent fifty, thirty-some shots when that car got hit (Yeah, I remember when that car got parked by there)
Uh-huh, ain’t going for nothing, bitch
Going for nothing (Crazy)
He ain’t going for nothing (Blatt)

Free Glo, nigga, free Trillz, free Street (Know YRB in here, fuck you thought? Welcome to 4 Vegas, Rae Rae’s Son)
Fuck you, nigga
Free Whammy (Gang), gang, gang, free Trapsino, bitch nigga (Gang)
Blatt (Free Sosa, nigga)
I ain’t going for nothing (Oh yeah, Mr. Uh-uh, yeah)
Uh, fuck nigga play, he dumb (Bitch)
Ain’t going for nothing, fuck nigga play, he dumb