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Danger Mouse – No Gold Teeth Lyrics

Danger Mouse – No Gold Teeth Lyrics

Wind in my face, hound at my heels
At the end I’m winning this race, only then can I chill
But ’till then, don’t ever try to stagnate the magnate
When it’s money on the line, never make the bag wait
I just add weight to the bag until the bag break
That holy swag make the cash get the gas face
In the first place, I got no mothafucking business coming in last place
My birth place taught me not to stop
I’m more advanced than my classmates
I came into the game on a fast break and I’m gang gang like [?]
The protagonist, and I narrate in the same slang that Philly has
I can’t stop
If I don’t work than I won’t eat
Time keeps running like a river, it don’t cease
In the mind of a super nigga it’s no peace
Can’t stop running like I’m ducking from police, stop
Who they are trying to do me like [?]
The flow so obese, it’s springing a slow leak

I keep the crowd satisfied bringing ’em cold beats
I’m gratified winning bling bling and no gold teeth

Yo, stop, you know the cameras is gon’ see
My hammers ain’t for brandishing if Canada’s on me
Please, you ain’t fucking with no amateurs homie
Philly ain’t known for cheesesteak sandwiches only, stop, yo
I’m at the top where it’s lonely
I got everybody mean mugging like Nick Nolte
But nah, I won’t stop, won’t drop, won’t retire
I am my own supplier, selling goods to the buyer
The torch to the higher, the storm that’s on fire
The data translator, each jaunt I’m charting higher
They requested my IG, I replied ‘deny’
Tell me I’m in the top 3, they ain’t never lied
Stop throwing that Birkin, the parents wouldn’t ride
The car’s 2 to 5, the doors suicide

Dressing in gold will be your suicide
No matter which corner of the globe you reside

215, dumb shit aside
When it comes to the job getting done, what am I?
The god of the microphone
Praise the lord
If anybody disagree with me then raise your sword
I’m Agent Orange, poisonous [?]
And the band keeps raging on
Don’t stop, nope, I won’t quit
No, I don’t stop, no, I don’t quit